Is AMD continuing to make 939 CPUs?

Are some factories still making 939 CPUs or have they all changed to AM2?
If still making 939, when are they going to stop manufacturing.
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  1. i was under the impression that s939 production had stopped, in order to clear out the inventories to make way for sAM2, and future releases..., from what ive read... these are the last of the s939 cpus... ...some people were complaining that they couldnt find any x2 3800+ anymore even, the x2 4400+ i think are quickly going away... though some other stores still have them in stock i think...

    im trying to impress upon a family member that upgrading from his s462 3000+ sempron, to a s939 x2 3800+ is a very good idea, considering their current price, relatively inexpensive upgrade costs (~$200-250 for a total upgrade, cpu/motherboard), and the quickly diminishing quantities... he doesnt seem to quite agree though about the upgrade being all that worthwhile (considering even still with what he does, working with home videos and such, where multiple cores would be VERY helpful), not to mention speeding up his system as a whole, barnone

    someone might know otherwise though about further production, whichcase, what i said is possibly wrong...
  2. Quote:
    Are some factories still making 939 CPUs or have they all changed to AM2?
    If still making 939, when are they going to stop manufacturing.

    Last moth there were rumours that most of 939 production would stop early next year. I think they cannot cut 939 production right now because there's a huge ongoing wave of upgrades for 939 systems and would be just stupid to cut supplies like this; most people willing to upgrade CPU would not get a whole new system in a year.
    So I think it's just temporary.
  3. The last report I heard was that AMD will stop S939 buy the end of this year, if not sooner. If you are building a system it makes sense to go with AM2, the motherboard and CPU prices are much the same.

    Rob Murphy
  4. I know but for instance; I have a 939 3000+ with 1G DDR and it only makes sense for me to upgrade to a X2 939. If I don't find it at the end of this year, I'm just going to OC the hell out of my 3000+ at least for one more year.
    Many people are not going to buy any thing if not a 939 upgrade and new system builders go for AM2 (same price + future proof), so they have to keep 939s well in stock. IMO, they will be producing limited quantities now, just to satisfy the requests, no large stock but still produce them.
  5. NO they will just stop production.

    In embeded it used to be the case that they would issue a "last time buy" date. This is the normal home market so AMD will just stop producing, and after that the product will be sold until all the stock is exhausted. AMD is not going to keep one or more fabs tied up with S939 any longer than it has to. The only thing that will change AMD's mind on this would be pressure from HP, Dell, and other large PC makers. There are not going to worry about a few people upgrading, as its probably a small fraction of 1% of the market, i.e. not enough to make any comercial decisions on.

    It may make sense to buy a S939 CPU to upgrade an existing machine, but not for a complete new build.
  6. I can't find the article now but it said that X2 939s would be discontinued early in 2007 and A64 with S754 semprons early Q4 2006. There was even a thread about this.
  7. Yes I have read the same arcticle a couple days ago.
  8. There will be plenty of S939 CPU's to go around for at least 6 more months.
  9. AMD are legally bound to continue to produce S939 processors until 1st Jan 2007, under the stable image platform program that it supports. This program guaranteed system availability of older CPU's that the big corps like. You have until then to get your S939 based CPU's...
  10. Quote:
    Are some factories still making 939 CPUs or have they all changed to AM2?
    If still making 939, when are they going to stop manufacturing.

    I hate posting links to other forums....but....this link has the answer for you.

    939's are still being made in various forms the 2nd post shows the info you need/want:
  11. up here in canada the 939 cpu is becoming very hard to find without knowing someone in the retail market,and even then supply is understanding is that the production is being stopped to make way for the am2.and although you may be able to find some 939 in the consumer market,you won't be able to for someone else said,only the business market will truly have access to 939 cpu's very soon.but hey why worry?i know that even though we are running 3 939 systems and a 462 system,i'm a computer junkie and i am going to build an am2 system.but then again,i'm also going to build a server system based on the opteron processor as well as building an intel core2duo system.anyways suffice it to say that 939 will become the way of the get them while you can,and considering the prices of them right now,i would go for the fastest one you can afford.


    X2 4400+@2.4 S-939
    2 7800GT'S IN SLI MODE
    WD300GIG HD
    520WATT PSU
  12. My question as I am still running Socket A processors in my most advanced two PC's, is do I wait for AM2 to stabilise and reduce in price or do I bite the bullet now and go for a 939 X2 device? If I wait that means motherboard, processor and memory, otherwise if I bite the bullet then only motherboard and processor. The old systems will be reutilised in a linux cluster - just for an experiment. As for games I don't play many but like the Morrowmind and Myst types. For broadband to improve either we have to move or WiMAX has to implemented in the English countryside! So performance is only and issue for photo and video enhancements
  13. Would the socket A machines you have not fetch the price of the new memory required for AM2. If you re-use the memory from the socket A machines what will you do with them.

    In all fairness if you take the DDR memory from your present machines to build your new ones, your left with 2 machines that will not work, and so end up getting more DDR memory to get them working again.

    Another point that's overlooked is that you often need a working machine with web access to build a new one.

    I do not know the DDR2 prices where you are but in the UK 1 Gig of matched DDR2 800 (2 * 512) costs 47 UK pounds. If you are on a really tight budget consider the Asrock C2D solution, which allows DDR memory to be used with the Intel C2D, and has slots for AGP and PCIE graphics cards. This was reviewed on Anandtech.

    AM2 motherboards are quite stable as they use the same chipsets as the S939 motherboards. Intel C2D is not so stable. I would expect a much better choice in C2D motherboards over the next 3 months. If there is nothing crucial, and you can afford to wait then wait.

    The real decider is if want to re-use you existing memory and stay AMD, if you do then now is a good time to upgrade. If your happy to buy new DDR2 memory then there is no real rush as you will probably have more choice for AM2 over the next 3 - 6 months, and a better selection of Intel C2D solutions as well.

    Just my 2p worth.

    Robert Murphy
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