What memory DDR2 for OC with E6600?

Hi everyone, im a stranger cause i just joined a few days ago... :oops:

Im getting a new pc sometime soon and im wondering what memory i should get. like 100USD/GB. Im considering the

Mushkin eXtreme Preformance 2GB (1GBx2) DDR2-667 (HP2-5300? PC2-5300, right?)

or the
OCZ Technology 2GB PC2-6400 DDR DIMM Memory Kit

ANY recommendation of other momory stix would help too.

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  1. it depends how high anoverclock you want, how much you want to push the fsb but id say to get this ram if you live in the US get these:
    they are muskin modules and are only 533mhz (1066 dual channel) but they have latencies of 3-3-3-9 at 1.9v. i suspect with more voltage you could get a good overclock out of them, and also if you decide not to overclock then you have really good ram at ddr1 type latencies (low latencies for ddr2 although only at 533mhz)
    i hope what i wrote is understandable and not too long :lol:
  2. That OCZ memory is a problem for core 2 duo is a gross over simplification of an issue that has more to do with bios/motherboard and DDr2 800 memory incompatibilities.

    here is an article praising the performance of OCZ/corsair micron based ...


    and here is an OCZ email to me that clarifies the issue a bit more (focusing on just one case as its the MB i asked about):

    "There is an issue with many non-Micron based high speed memory modules and
    the M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard, unfortunately. The board has been
    programmed to the point where it is too aggressive for high speed memory to
    be able to boot. We revised our SPD for enhanced compatibility with the
    Socket AM2 platform but issues do remain"

    so it seems evident, to me ( i use this qualifier because i am currently researching this and may yet have a flawed interpretation :), new high speed ddr2 800 ram must be micron based to work with motherboards that support am2 or cor 2 duo processors.
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