A Good Config with E6300/E6400

Intel Core2 Duo Processor E6300,2MB-L2,1.86GHz,1066MHz
Intel Core2 Duo Processor E6400,2MB-L2,2.13GHz,1066MHz
Intel Desktop Board P965LT/G965 WH/ Express ..NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra
Pls suggest me on this
Any 250 GB Sata 2 Hdd
Hynix/transcend/Corsair 1GB Ram DDR2(533 MHz)
Acer 17" LCD Moniter
Sony/BenQ Dvd Writer
I-Ball/Any good looking Cabinet 450 SMPS
Logitech/Microsoft Mouse+KeyBoard
Microtech/APC 600 VA

suggest a mobo as i heard most of the 965 boards are having Ram issues..
Can we run with a 965P for time now and add a DX10 card later???
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  1. yer 965 is fine and u can add a dx10 card later on.
  2. Dude,
    Can u suggest me the price of the processors I mentioned in my last post(E6300/6400)

    and coming to mobos if I go for P965 series which one shud I go for

    Gigabyte p956-DQ6(price plz,as u have brought) or MSI series or Asus PB5/deluxe (not DH)

    and abt RAM which one between kingston or corsair value ram or Transcend 1GB(533)

    How abt altec lansing 2.1 MX5021 speakers

    HDD i shall go for 250GB(lookin for SATA2) seagate and the rest is fine..

    My Budget is 40-42K

    I can adjust my monitor to Flatron 17'' if budget exceeds(save rs.3000)

    Can u tell me the actual prices of above in India..I stay in Hyderabad.. :D
  3. ok... Use a currency converter to convert (those pricings inclubed Free shipping, so to speek so there probly a little bit cheaper

    e6400 --------- $405AUD (australian Dollors)
    DQ5 ----------- $480AUD

    For your ram...

    If ur not goin to overclock get the Cheaper 533mhz DDRII ran with at least timings of 4-4-4-12 those are my timings.

    As for ur monitor...

    I dont really know much bout monitors.
  4. Thanks a lot for the info dude... :D
  5. No probs mate netime, nething else u wana know?
  6. I went to the retailer Dude.But he surprised me saying mobos supporting Core 2 havenot arrived here in my city..I need to wait for two more weeks it seems.. 8)
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