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I want to buy a laptop & I read some articles that shows weakness of amd turion x2 in power & multitasking management versus intel's core duo but this examinations are based on 32 bit programs and theoriticaly when data process on a 64-bit cpu and mother board based ,it will be 2*2*2...(till 32 time) faster than a 32 bit based one & I think if this exams repeat with 64bit programs result obviously will be with turion, please help me to know if the future programs like windows vista & otheres are going to designe working with 64 bit? & if it is true ,the 32 bit core duo intel doesn't result any problems working on the future 64 bit windows? - please help me if turion 64 is better totally,what s u'r recomendation for me ?(hp with nvid or,acer,or ...) & if core duo is better what do u suggest(a 15" laptop with good performance ,graphic and sound)
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  1. Might I suggest Alienware's Area-51 series. Specifically the m5750.


    I have this laptop and it owns.

    Also, Core Duo does NOT support 64 bit OS's like WinXP 64bit or Vista 64bit. So if its 64bit support you're looking for, Turion X2 is the way to go.
  2. Well, to have the best of both worlds, you can get a Core 2 Duo based laptop; which would be out within a few weeks. Will get you good performance, good battery life, and 64-bit compatibility.
  3. I was going to suggest that... but if Conroe is any indication of how Merom availability will be... he won't be able to get a C2D laptop until October. Maybe. ;-)
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