Saving Inbox with Outlook Express!?

Hi peeps,

I've got a question here that a client asked me and I am now still wondering bout it.

They get allot of bussiness related e-mail and their Inbox got bout 800 msges in. Now they need to redo their WinME system but want to keep the msges in the Inbox and just put it in the new WinMe Inbox when it's installed.

Now how the hell do you save or export 800 e-mails in Outlook Express and then add them again to the newly formatted system?

Any1 able to help me out here?

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  1. Hi,

    Do a search for INBOX.DBX this is your inbox, if you have seperate identities setup on outlook express then you will have more than one. What you may wabt to consider for future reference is storing your outlook "stuff" on a seperate drive or partition, that way if you need to wipe your main drive, all your stuff will be intact. Theres also an OUTBOX.DBX, drafts, deleted and so on.

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  2. In Outlook, go in "File", "Import/Export" and follow the on-screen directions.

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