Opinion on ATI Radeon HD 4350

I recently purchased a new desktop from Dell (Vostro 22A) with Windows 7 pre-installed with the following specs:

ATI Radeon HD 4350
Intel core 2 duo E8500 3.16GHz
4.00GB RAM
32-bit Operating system
Windows 7
250Gig hard drive

I was hoping to play Crysis on a decent to high setting with these specs, but to my surprise, i couldn't even get it to play properly in 1024x768. The game was slow and a bit choppy. I then went to http://cyri.systemrequirementslab.com/srtest/

and had my hardware scanned by their program, their system gave it a pass on both minimum and recommended for all the hardware components. My question is, is there something wrong with the card, or the driver, or could it just be this slow? The display is hooked up is a 52 inch Samsung lcd. Could the fact that it's a bigger monitor have something to do with it as well?
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  1. The bigger monitor is likely the problem. The card is not very effective at that resolution, or any resolution really :/ I think your only solution would be a new card. For such a large monitor I would suggest a 5850. If your looking to spend a little more money I would suggest a 5870. If looking to spend a little less try a 4850, or a 4870
  2. This probably belongs in the video card section, not a lot of people will probably see it here.
  3. Thanks for the reply anarchy,
    I was hoping it would be just a driver issue so i posted here. I will also post in the video card section to see what they think. But I'm suspecting you're probably right and i just need a better card.. which sucks because i already spent 1g for a new comp. and it already has to be upgraded.
  4. 1G? Or 1000$ For that system? O_o

    If it's $1000 that is a SERIOUS ripoff.

    The Radeon 3470 is faster than the Radeon 4350. While the 3850 is much,much faster than the the 3470. Which makes it err...... GeForce 7600GS DDR2 level performance? Very slow. Especially for Crysis on 1024x768.

    Also Crysis likes Quad Cores better than Dual Cores (Although not by much.)

    Get at least a Radeon 4850.
  5. It was $935 Canadian including shipping. Also included a blue ray dvd writer combo and 15 in 1 media card reader, if that makes a difference. The blue ray player can't be found for under $180 CDN separately around here. So i'm hoping it's not that much of a ripoff.
  6. 1. It's a Dell. 2. It's a business computer. 3. 4GB RAM with a 32bit windows. 4. ATI 4350 sucks really.
  7. Anyway, for final stuff. You need to change that video card to at least a Radeon 4850 / GeForce 9800GTX+.

    You will actually be having problems playing COD4 on high settings on 1024x768 on such a machine due to the very slow video card.
  8. the 4350 is one of the weakest cards of the 4000 series

    for crysis you need a much stronger card
  9. Thanks for the replays everyone, yeah it looks like i will be going with the 4850. I had no idea the 4350 was such as shitty card. I initially wanted to get the comp. w/o a card, BUT in that configuration it didn't let me add the blue-ray player, which i wanted because it was a really good deal.
  10. well look at it this way, now if the card ever has a problem you have a backup
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