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Does 16x PCI-E gives any advantage over 8x

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August 23, 2006 12:28:51 PM

I am just in the process of upgrading my motherboard. There are two motherboards I currently have in mind and that is the “DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert” and the “Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe”.

There are obviously a lot of difference between them but from what I can tell does the DFI come out slightly on top over the Asus apart on one feature.. the PCI-E slots. Where the Asus got two 16x PCI-E ports but thee DFI has only got 8x .

My question is really will there be any performance difference between a 16x and an 8x PCI port?

I am an avid online FPS gamer so frame rates are obviously important.

My current rig is has an AMD X2 4400+ and a Nvidia 7950 GX2, so I guess as far as through put there wont be many graphics cards that will put a higher strain on the PCI-E port than that… at least until the next card is released ;) 

Let me know what you think


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August 23, 2006 12:52:54 PM

OK the DFI it is then :D 
August 23, 2006 1:09:19 PM


The 7950 is in effect 2 7900GT's slapped together - in effect running SLI.

With that I"d definately want the A8N32-SLI board cause you are jamming, in effect 2 cards into a 16x slot...if you add another 7950, that's 2 more into the other 16x slot.

On the DFI board you are jamming, in effect 2 cards into an 8x slot, and if you add another 7950 another 2 cards into the other 8x slot.

There IS a difference. The A8N32-SLI board rocks to high heaven!

I'd go that way without any doubts or qualms.
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August 23, 2006 1:30:51 PM

No difference at all: no actual GPU is able to saturate the AGP 8x or PCIe 8x link, even the new X1950 with its 2GHz GDDR4.
August 23, 2006 2:37:49 PM

Thanks for all the reply, I really appreciate it.

I was already favouring the DFI as it was so I think I will go for it.

And this thing about future proof it... well I suspect when a new graphics card does come out that will saturate a 8 PCI-E, I will already be thinking of upgrading to a new CPU which no doubt will be on a different socket to the 939

cheers guys
August 23, 2006 3:45:35 PM

Well from my understanding (which is limited) is the problem not just about the gfx cards but also the CPU's capacity to shuffle enough data to the card.

But I should probably shut up :D  as I dont really know
August 23, 2006 5:23:38 PM

Well regardless which process hinders the ability for a PCI express to reach its full bandwith potential, it is still a fact that the difference is slim to none between 16x and 8x.