Need to know why there is no display, prior to OS inst plz!

Hey all ive just built a new Intel Duo System, my first dual core system ive built, but the fourth intel system. I plonked the CPU in the socket, plugged in everything that needs to be plugged in, including the switchboard on the PCI-E which is on normal mode, but when i power on there is no display on the monitor, now ive replaced the 7900gtx with my brothers older 6600 GT and still the same problem. So if its not the graphics card what the hell is going on? I have only a few strands of hair left, need help before i become bald!

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  1. It would help if you posted the computers stats...

    I know you said there is no display but:

    Is the monitor displaying a black screen or
    is the monitor not detecting a signal and going into standby?
  2. ill send a list of the stats soon, but its the latter (no signal), yet the G-cards fan is spinning so i assume its getting power, and ive reseated cpu, ram, the card itself.
  3. Does it post? (beep)
    Im curious if there is any reason to think that the computer is booting just fine and you just cant see it due to some other problem.

    If 2 cards did the same thing the only variable unchanged would be the cable and monitor? Did you try another video cable?
  4. As Morph said, we need to know brand and model for all the components, including case, power supply, etc.
  5. Until we get those specs, I can only guess at the problem, but I would say at first glance that your motherboard is the issue here. Without a bit more detail on the problem I can't really say for sure though.
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