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Hey everyone!

I am looking for the new gaming case called the "Zero" buy NZXT. Anyone Know anything about? They NZXT is saying it available. I cannot find the case listed at the seller web site's. It was to be released on August first. any any thought's?
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  1. Wow, thats a sexy case lol. I've seen that case before. If you dont like retaill stores, i think microcenter has that company of cases but not nessasary the ZERO. Call them, see if they are going to carry it. With my expierence with PC's and PC games, they usually dont carry items till a week after its released. So its a possibility that the company has released this product, but stores havent got it. I noticed newegg doesnt have it so the prodict is either in transit to be shipped or hasnt been shipped yet....or the one I hate the most.....delayed.

    Microcenter has the Lexa and Apollo.
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