Just got the stacker t01. How do I put the covers on?

Hey, I just got the stacker t01 from newegg. When I opened the box, the front bay covers were all pushed in and crooked. I tried putting them back, but it seems like they just don't fit. Is there a certain way they're supposed to go in?

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  1. update: took some pics. I dont know if you can tell anything from it


    someone else said the top doesn't match up right. Is this right? I dont want to have to pay like 40-50 to ship it overnight or 2 day for no re-imbursement just to get another back

  2. Edit: Just figured out the very top case cover was in securely. I had to get a screwdriver and pry it out. Then I put it in the area where the others didn't fit and it FIT!!!

    Where can I get new case covers? From coolermaster or newegg? What exactly do I have to do? Do I still have to send them the case??
  3. contact CM, i'm sure they'll take care of ya.

    whats up with product placement, arby's?!?
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