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What's your thoughts on <A HREF="" target="_new">the new 19" test</A>?
Personally I thought that
<A HREF="" target="_new">the Iiayama Vision Master Pro 454</A> seemed nice, especially that thing about plugging two pc's at once and switch between them. Although I wont have any need for it right away, I sure will find a use for it. Probably this is the one I'll go for if I can find it here in stockholm, sweden. I think that the local stores aren't very quick to take home new and interesting hardware, unfortunatly.
I know that I can find the NEC FE950+ and I suppose that is good enough, but I would sure want a bigger selection.

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  1. I would welcome a feature table in that article, similar to the one in the motherboards guide from yesterday, where one could see monitors' refresh rates, dimensions, weight, and other info. Otherwise the article was fine to read :-)
  2. True, that was sadly overlooked, one would think that would have been fairly simple to include and would have added to the quality of the review quite a lot.
    Some of that info is in the text at each of the monitors but I do miss a feature table.
    I would also like to hear from you more "experienced" regulars here about this review; would you agree with this reviews conclusion?

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  3. Need a feature table, build your own at this link.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer
    Conrerstone /

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  4. Another good review of 19" monitors was done by

    I used this review to decide my recent purchase of the
    Hitachi CM772 (similar to the CM721, but with higher
    bandwidth). Tom's report did not include an important
    factor for me: Warranty. Hitachi offers a 5 year warranty,
    2 years more than most vendors. My second choice would
    be the Iiyama.
  5. I was hoping to read in this article not only a technology review, but at least a mention of technology advances-- I remember reading somewhere a revolutionary CRT technique which allows for really short tubes, as in 5cm deep; that'd surely be something to look forward to instead of waiting for LCD Monitors to catch up to CRTs.
  6. maybe this was in the review but i didn't catch it, the g420s also has a hook up for a second computer(laptop) and has speakers in it too. although i don't use the speakers or the second monitor hook up. and i found that the review talked too much about the sony A model. i guess it's just my bias because i have the sony g420s. i would have liked to know why the g420s didn't rate as high as the others. i mean like the review did say why they chose those top three but didn'ty exactly say that the sony was lacking those traits, basically didn't mention it.

    it all comes down to congitive dissonance, that fact that i spent almost $400 on my monitor and that there wasn't any clear definative reviews(at the time i bought it) saying that one monitor was better than the other leaves me with insuficient internal justification which in turn leads me to seek sufficient external justification.

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  7. Too bad this did not come out slightly sooner. I had to buy a new monitor for my brand new pc quite recently. I was looking at some good ones and I decided on a NEC MultiSync FP955. It is a really great monitor and beats the heck out of my old old old Magitronic 17" (so old I don't know what it is or care now).

    One problem I have is that I can't go to 1920x1440 above 60Hz, but it's got to be my GF2MX400 video card. I plan on getting a new one soon.

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  8. Where are these guys getting their prices? I own a Hitachi CM721F and it only costs $300, shipping and all! This is for a brand new monitor with a 5-year warranty. Tom's lists it as $454. Maybe in Europe or something, but they're a lot better priced here. I'm hard-pressed to find a place where they are more than 30 dollars higher than the Samsungs THG listed as the best buy.

    BTW, this CM721F is actually a very nice monitor (MUCH better than Samsung IMHO) with great geometry and really warm, quality color. It goes to 1600x1200 at 85Hz. I run mine at 1152 X 864 at 100Hz for Web Design (Including web graphics design), 3D games, and Windows use. You have to be a pretty hard-core graphics designer, like professional print publishing and so forth, to really make practical use of those higher resolutions. Again, this is just my opinion, but I've looked around quite a bit and I would be pretty surprised if any of the monitors in the article actually look better than mine at the same resolution. The trinitrons might be a tiny bit brighter, but I don't have any wires accross my screen and I can see pretty small text clearly even at higher resolutions than I currently use. From a needs-based perspective I couldn't be more pleased with this display.
  9. Thanks for reviewing 19" CRT's!!

    I've done lots of research over the past 4 weeks, and finally chose the Sony CPD-G420s. I was hoping to see more about this monitor in this review, and by looking at others' posts, I'm not alone.

    My finalists besides the G420s were the ViewSonic p95f and the Cornerstone P2460. Another one I considered was the Samsung 900nf.

    I've already made my choice, but I'd still love to see a comparison of these monitors! Especially with gaming in mind.

    Keep up the good work, Tom's Hardware rocks!!
  10. if only some people had the money for the G420S, haha.
  11. Maybe that's why it gets overlooked, but I was able to get the G420s for less total than I could get the p95f. My total cost was 398 including shipping, no tax. I bought it at at the same time as a friend so we got free shipping (their offer).

    Once I evaluate the monitor, I'll try to post my results.
  12. hey, tell me how you like your g420s, what res and refresh do you run at?

    repeat after me, we are all individuals!
  13. Yeah, my G420S should be here Monday morning. I can't wait.
  14. I run mine at 1280 by 1024 @ 160 hz

    I have a radeon 7500 card.

    my 2 rubles.
  15. I think maybe Windows XP might have a problem with refresh rates. Anyone know if this might be the case?
  16. it couldnt be any worse than win2k's habit of defaulting back to 60Hz when playing games! *UGH*

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  17. ok, i have a sony g420s and a radeon 8500, i can't get 120 refresh, how do you do it, optimal?

    repeat after me, we are all individuals!
  18. I love the Sony CPD-G420s!

    I'm running at 1600x1200 85Hz for desktop, and 1280x1024@85Hz for gaming.

    The brightness and color are great, and I didn't have to do any tweaking to get a great display at those resolutions. All I've done is adjust the size and rotation (slightly).

    At 1600 text is very readable, quite crisp. It looks cool and is very high quality. I am 100% pleased with this monitor.

    Extra VGA input (although 2nd cable is not included) and internal stereo speakers are a nice touch, and I love the Sony blue/gray color.
  19. what kind of video card do you ahve? 1600 res on ym g420s doesn't have that sharp o' text.

    repeat after me, we are all individuals!
  20. being an extreemly regular regular i too agree.
    a good review, however hard facts in the form of a comparitive table are nice.

    best idea is a resolution vs max obtainable refreshrate table.

    also a table containg other usefull stuff woulb be nice too.
    things like monitor dimensions, weight, measured HEAT OUTPUT at set resolution/refresh rate.

    the last one appeals to me as conditions my computer works in can be foul at times, and the last thing i need is an overly hot monitor making things worse.

    Morally destitute, Emotionally bankrupt but a proud and respected member of Toms Forums! :smile:
  21. sorry reptilej,
    I got this monitor not too long ago, I thought it was a g420,

    but its a g410.

    my 2 rubles.
  22. I'm using a new Visiontek Xtasy GeForce4 Ti4600 which supports many high resolutions and framerates.

    Remember, when testing monitors, the video card is important too!!

    I've seen many negative user ratings for various monitors, but the users aren't giving the monitors a fair chance because their video card doesn't handle those resolutions well.
  23. Does anyone know if an extremely high refresh rate will cause the mask to overheat? Does running an extremely high refresh rate allow you to run games at extremely high framerate, with V-Sync enabled, without tearing?
  24. for a monitor, dont care about add-ons. :)

    the mainly questions is image quality & perfs.

    if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy ...
  25. Not certain what you mean by overheating the mask. Never heard of this. Yes running higher refresh rates means more of the beam hits the mask more often. However all masks are now made on “Invar” an alloy that resists the expansion and contraction due to heat or cold.

    If you run the monitor within the manufactures specifications you should have no problem at all. If you run over, I would be more worried about yoke heating than mask heating.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer
    Cornerstone /

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  26. Thanks for the clarification, I thought the mask might warp or something. Someone's post stated that running a lower VESA resolution/refresh than the recommended would adversely affect the life of the monitor. I use 1024x768@85 for surfing on both my monitors and 1920x1440@75(p2460) or 1600x1200@75(109B20)for games. So you see, I never run either monitor at the recommended resolution/refresh. I have no problem reducing the resolution for games to 1600x1200@85(p2460) and 1280x1024@85(109B20), but a lot of websites are optimized for 1024x768 and I find that I can read faster at the lower resolution. If this is harmful to the monitor, do you, or anyone you know of, make a monitor that is tolerant of this? I have tried your best view software and larger fonts, but I am accustomed to the look of standard font size. I really like the quick resolution changes made possible by the big monitor software, it comes in handy.
  27. Your monitors will be fine, running different resolutions / refresh rates is exactly why they invented multi sync monitors.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer
    Cornerstone /

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