Gaming Build/e6600, budget 2k-2500

I've been lurking the forums for some time now trying to find that perfect build. I've went from AMD to Intel, back to AMD and now back to intel. I plan on getting DX10 so I dropped the 7950. I need to order the parts within a week or two, no time to wait for DX10 although I plan on upgrading.

This will be built around an e6600 processor which has already been ordered.

First up
mobo- I wanna buy a mobo with the intentions of getting rid of it sometime in the future and replace it with a better board, unless somebody can talk me into getting asus P5b which to me seems to pricey without nforce500 to show for it. Currently I have in mind. Gigabyte DS3 144$
mobo is mainly what I need the most help on. DDR2800 is a priority for me so only boards combatible with it, I checked out.

Case is not so important to me, I just want performance, looks dont matter. One with good reviews P180 114$

PSU, was either going to go with TruepowerII84$
both are 550w

for RAM i wanted good timings
so Corsair 4-4-4-12 255$

For video card I want a decent one but dont wanna spend much til DX10
cant decide between a x1900xt 319$ or a 7900GT289$
I plan to put two small raptors in raid0
and get a 250gig WD 7200rpm79$ 250gig for music/files/etcRaptor drives 36.7gb x 2 for games 219$
X-fi extreme sound card 111$
x-530 logitech speakers 54$

I also have 2 cd-rom/dvd-rom drives that I didnt include but add up to 45$ combined.

I plan to overclock, but not right away. not interested in water cooling either. How's the compatiblity with this build and any recommended upgrades/improvements? I'd like to keep it under 2k but if it goes above its alright. extra fans needed? etc,etc

I already have a monitor and a G5 mouse and G15 keyboard.

including the e6600 the current build will cost around 1800 give or take depening on MB choice and video card choice. Will take suggestions on anything
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  1. Suggestions:

    Power supply: Go for the NeoHE supply. Has Active PFC and modular cabling.

    Hard Drive: No issue with RAID'ing 2 raptors, but swap the larger drive for this Seagate drive. Perpendicular recording which gives better performance for the same price as the Caviar drive.

    Video Card: I really don't see the point of getting a high end card right now with DX 10 getting closer by the day, but if you really want to go high end now, grab the X1900XT.

    Optical Drives: I hope those 2 optical drives aren't ordered yet, because if they are both DVD burners, you can drop one of them. There is no reason at all to ever have more than 1 dvd burner in a computer.
  2. Those 36 gig raptors won't store very many games at today's sizes.

    Sure, if most of your titles still come on 5 1/4" dolly disks, you'll have ample room. But with current titles, youre looking at 4-5 games max.

    Just FYI, I use a 36 gig raptor. I rationized it by saying I could never be playing more than a few games at a time, so why bother installing them? But it sure is a pain in the ass when I want to pick up my game of GTA: San Andreas only to realize I had it uninstalled to make way for FEAR. It is speedy, but its not really worth it.

    If it were be I would just get a single seagate 7200.10 320gb. Maybe RAID a couple if I felt really adventerous. Much better bang for your buck than those tiny raptors.
  3. towely does make a good point though.... if you're going to raid those raptors, use 2 of the 74GB models at least. Otherwise grab a single 320GB Barracuda from Seagate.
  4. Yeah you changed my mind about the drives, games are going to get huge soon, blu-ray will be out in force soon too

    going to raid two 74gig raptors. I will probably still get another drive for storage and will keep the seagate on my wishlist.

    Also may change my mind about the video card, may get the x1800xt instead and save 100$ for future upgrades

    any thoughts about motherboards and fans for cooling incase I overclock?
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