"AMD's Race For Server Space"

In comments made at the opening of a new AMD research center in Shanghai, Marty Seyer, an AMD vice-president and head of its server chip division, said the company is aiming for a 40% share of the global market for server chips by 2009. Such a goal would represent a significant jump from its current share, which stands at 26%, says IDC analyst Shan Rau.

..."What's fueling the growth is renewed business from IBM and the new business from Dell," IDC's Rau says. "Those volumes are likely to kick up AMD's market share in the third quarter. With those two announcements, AMD is probably well on its way to breaking above 30% share in servers."

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  1. 9nm's race for more locked threads.

  2. Yeh ,, well IBM just stepped into the game & anounced their quad server CPU to make it more challenging for both AMD & Intel.
    From a source that no seems to like: http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=33898
  3. Maybe because that source sucks ass.
  4. Yours probably,, but that still does not mean its not true about IBM's quad core.
  5. First of all, I never said anything about IBM's quad core, and I don't care anyway.

    WTF, I never mentioned a source. STFU fucktard.

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