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What PCI-card to get?

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Last response: in Graphics Cards
August 24, 2006 8:44:16 AM

Firstly: I'm not looking for a PCI-Express card.

I have been putting together a linux movie/audio editing computer on a xeon (server)motherboard. The problem is, there are no AGP or PCIe slots. Thus, the question is, what would be my best bet for this kind of work? The card must be either universal pci (3.3V edge) or PCI-X card. 64-bit PCI-X card would be okay, if it just doesn't get too expensive (unfortunately, this rules out Matrox Parhelia DL256, which would probably otherwise be my choice).

Any ideas?

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August 24, 2006 9:13:50 AM

You are right, it's ATI Rage XL. As I haven't really tried it in true use I can't say for sure how well it would perform in use. However, as I need two monitors for the work anycase, I think it'd be better to play safe and get a good graphics card which performs well for sure.
August 24, 2006 4:55:10 PM

Now do you need pcix1?
or x16?
only x1 card I see really
cheaper pcix16 and dual dvi out.
Cheapest ati I saw at glance with dual dvi.

You could look more but should all be similar solutions.

It didn't sound like you were looking for a high end so I was looking low-end since it seemed you were considering the onboard.
If I'm completely offbase say so.
August 25, 2006 9:46:30 AM

Now do you need pcix1?
or x16?

Sorry, as I said, I'm not looking for PCIe, but PCI-X which is an extended version of the good ol' PCI.

The photo above shows what kind of PCI edge we are talking about...

Card doesn't need to be a killer, as it isn't used for playing anyway. Movie editing in Cinelerra and Cinepaint, and sound work in Ardour...