dual/single channel ram question (new comp after 4 years off

I am going to build a AMD 3800 x2 on a 939 board. I am planning on using my old pc2700 ram from my current system. (deciding between abit asus and msi SLI boards)

I currently have 1 512 corsair chip and 2 512 kingston chips. On my current board i am running them straight and getting 1.5 gigs of available ram.

My question is this: Can i do the same on a new 939 board? Can I just put it all in and get 1.5 gig of single channel ram?

If I want to run dual channel can i buy another corsair chip (same model) and run 2 corsair and 2 kingston? Or for sual channel using all 4 slots do all 4 chips have to be the same?

Also any reports etc anyone has or knows of to link would be awsome.

thanks in advance.


PS my old system has been running nice for 4.5 years :) intel 2.4 533FSB shuttle mobo 1.5 gig 2700 ram ti 4200 geforce
nice huh! :) hahah
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  1. yeah should work fine, i think the amd 64 cpus work with pc2700 and pc3200 ram
  2. Actually I am looking for more of an "how many single channel 2700 dimms can i use?" Will the mobo support 3 single channel dimms? or do i have to run them in tandem? ie 2 or 4?
  3. That question is very motherboard dependant. However, most MB's I've seen are capable of running single channel with 3 strips. Some memory configurations force 333mhz though, which in your case doesn't seem to be a problem at this point.

    When/if you upgrade to 400mhz memory though you'll have to pay attention to single sided/dual sided module configuration.
  4. Just so you know, there is no such thing as dual channel memory. The single or dual channel comes from the memory controller.

    Also, if you find yourself wanting or having to purchase more memory, then I would probably recommend going to an AM2 platform instead of sticking with s939.

    I am in the same situation myself and will be building a s939 machine in the next month or so, but I am doing it because I have just about everything I need to build a new machine laying around including pc3200 memory. If I were going to need to purchase memory, then I would go with the newer platform and DDR2.
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