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I would just like to ask if the x1900xt is likely to drop in price in the near future in the uk because of the x1950xtx launch.
I currently have all the other components for my new system apart from the graphics card. I won't be able to buy till this coming tuesday but would it be worth hanging on for an imminent price drop.
The cheapest I have found one is £211 + p&p from


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  1. I dont see why not, the price has dropped quite a bit in the us and that was over a week ago, btw , why are you geting the 190xtx, isnt it beter to wait for one of the dx10 cards? thats what im doing, i just got a x850xt so i could wait till the dx10's come out, then i would get one of those when their price goes a bit down, lets syat 6 -8 months after its lounch.
  2. I've just noticed that overclockers have it on offer right now for £199.99 inc. vat. Very tempted myself, can't find em any cheaper!
  3. honestly even with that price i would wait....even the 1900xtx will be "an oldie" this time next year, and will not be able to achieve the visuals even close to the ones that are planed by some devs in some games, check out ...Crysis, or beter yet Haze, or Project offset, which totaly blows away all games from the visual aspect, cant wait to play it lol more i think than Crysis lol.
  4. but that's another year away! My poor XL struggles with CoD2. If the 1900xt's or xtx's are likely to drop even further than £200 anytime now then I'll wait. I've seen a clip of crysis on and it does look incredible, almost photo-realistic, but I think I'll just upgrade again in about 18 months or so. But anyway, £199.99 for an X1900XT 512MB does seem pretty damn good!
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