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I am new to this site and have gone over a few of the post that are similar to my post but have not seen the answer that helps my problem. So here it is. Trying to run a FTP site to ransfer files and things. The problem starts with (yup you guessed it) the Linksys BERSR41 ver2 router. It is tied a simple network with two computers. I have a static IP, have forward the ports 20 to 21 and open the protocal TCP and UDP, disabled the WAN request,and opened the DMZ host with the static IP. Yet the FTP site will not come through, have called the FTP sites tech support and they say everything is fine at there end and i have set everything up properly. So i called Linksys tech support, they say they can't help any futher because i have done everything that i can. So my question is. Does anyone have any suggestion on what to do next? OH btw.........While the router was opened all the way to the net. I was recieving a lot of pop ups i had never recieved before which told me that the router was in fact open, but yet the FTP still did not come through. I am open to suggestion at this point.
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  1. who's trying to access the ftp site (from where, etc.)? Also, what is the error message (can't come through is a little vague)?

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  2. who's trying to access the ftp site (from where, etc.)? I had one guy try from Blacksburg, VA (VA TECH), one try from Nova Scotia, Canada, one from Abbotsford, Canada, and one from Arizona. As for your second question. I had not thought about that(as i hang my head down in shame) i will have to get that information and post back. (sorry about that) thx for your time
  3. Ok i have talked to a few people about the problem they were having trying to connect to the FTP site. They are telling me that no error message was displayed, only that it did not connect.
  4. You did not specify which modem or type of modem you are using.

    If your modem has a firewall built in .It will not allow FTP traffic through. I had a similar problem gaming. Both my router and modem had built in firewalls. You can not forward ports through 2 devices.

    Eventually my ISP switched over to PPPOE and I was able to switch the modem to bridge mode. This removed the firewall from the modem. No I just have to forward ports through the router.

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  5. The modem is a Surfboard cable modem model #SB3100 it came with the internet service.
  6. There was no specific name or brand anywhere on the case.
  7. I am not familiar with cable modems.. It seems that your modem does have some sort of router or NAT functions. As it supports up to 32 users.

    A couple of options that might work.

    IF your modem and router support it ???????
    Contact your ISP and see if the modem can be switched to bridge mode.This will dissable firewall functions in the modem. Then your router will need to be able to handle the connection protocol. Handle DHCP functions etc.

    The second option is to place a switch between the modem and router. Plug the FTP server and the router into the switch. Hopefully your modem and router support the same range of IP and Subnet mask addresses. If not you will not be able to communicate with the FTP server from the lan side of your router.

    Hope this helps and dosen't confuse or frustrate you.

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  8. Hope this helps and dosen't confuse or frustrate you. i am starting to think (hmmmm) is it really worth the hassle or the trouble....Thanks for all of you time and effort RICK and JLANKA.......
  9. thats a pretty good way to keep your users from running servers, pretty shitty if you ask me cs game server -
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