Trouble installing bew 7600GS video card

I'm having trouble installing my new video card, an nvidia 7600 GS AGP card with 512MB RAM. I'm replacing an ATI Radeon 9800 All-In-Wonder card, also an AGP 8X card. Old card has occasional fan trouble, so need to replace it.

I uninstalled the old drivers, shut down the computer, and installed the new card. I handled it carefully, made sure it was seated correctly, hooked up power to it, hooked up the monitor (same one that worked with the old card), and started it up.

I get a blank screen, then test appeared in the upper left corner listing the specs of the new video card, then nothing. Hung up there forever. Restarted the computer, then the screen was blank and the monitor told me it was not receiving any signal.

For giggles, I re-installed my old card again, computer booted up fine (albeit with no drivers for the old card now). So, tried the whole thing again with the new card, same result.


Here's my system (also listed in my profile):

Asrock K7S41GX motherboard
AMD Athlon 2800 CPU
1.5 GB RAM
160GB harddrive
floppy is disconnected right now.
300W power supply (which the card specs say is the minimum for this card)

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  1. GPU might have been DOA. Next guesses being the PSU, or to reseat your RAM. But you said you had success in the machine when reverting back to the 9800.

    So take your pick; GPU or PSU.
  2. I'm betting it might be the Asrock mobo, I had the same problem(different model though)....a different bios fixed things.
  3. Hmm. Never did think of that.

    Thats the AGP PCI-E board?? ---yeah, that could do it too :lol:

    I didnt even really look @ this specs, I just shot from the hip. Thanks for the backup big G.
  4. Thanks for the tips, guys. I'll investigate the mobo angle, see if a different bios helps.

    You know, I've been itchin for a new mobo and PSU anway....
  5. Your PSU... duh.

    300W is crap and I bet you have other crap connected to the same rail as your video card. Your video card should get its very own 12V rail. Your PSU is probably old and not as efficient as it used to be so that is the problem.

    I've noticed that 90% of "DOA" video cards are nothing more than a faulty or old PSU. Also people don't dedicate a 12V rail to a video card and think that it's ok to attach 1000 other things to it.

    $50 will fetch you a decent PSU!
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