Problem with dual Amd 3800+

I recently purchased this beast :

and installed a nice one of these on top of it:

Unfortunately, my comp still runs really hot. Installing BF2 brings my CPU temp to 50 degrees cels. The cpu is not supposed to run too hot, especially not with a typhoon on it, but there may be a hardware problem. In starting up my computer, there is a warning at the bottom of the initial startup screen saying that the CPU FAN is running at too low of a speed, forcing me to hit F1 to continue.

I would rather not fry my CPU, i know 50 degrees cels inst death, but its uncomfrotable, any help would be awesome,

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  1. I've got the same chip on a cheap 6100 board with the stock cooler. The BIOS reads my temps under load in the mid to upper 60's, but other benchmarking software, like PC Wizard, shows the CPU temp to be 38 degrees! So I dono what the deal is on these chips. I've checked the heat sink and it certainly does not feel very warm... and I've remounted it twice with AC5 checking carefully for fit... So I plan to just use it and not worry... I have it clocked to 2.5 GHz. and it's FAST!
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