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k so im a broke student, and im trying to build a second computer as the one im on now is ancient (p4 1 core 3 gig, 1 gig ram, ati radeon 4670, 500 gig hd) however i was looking into barebones systems, as i have had to recently replace the hard drive and graphics card. so i figured i could get a super cheap build, and just keep using my shitty graphics card for a while. however i realized that the problem with this is i would then have to buy windows 7 since there is no OS that comes on it. is there any cheaper way to get it without paying 100? cause honestly that blows my entire comp budget. THanks
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  1. No.

    Why not use the OS you already paid for?

    Your graphics card really isn't that "sh$tty", the cpu is holding it back from it's full potential.
  2. It's fairly shitty.
    I assume you're running XP now? If so, can't you migrate?
  3. well itd be a completely new system so i couldnt use upgrade
  4. Actually you can use the upgrade as long as you have another copy of windows laying around just like the Vista Upgrade and the XP Upgrade has done in the past with the installs.
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