good SD compact flash 2, memory stick pro duocard reader?

whats a good card reader that reads secure digital, compact flash 1-2, memory stick pro duo? looking for a memory card reader that reads sd cards for my palm, compact flash 2 for my camera, and memory stick pro duo for my psp and reads the new formats so should be compatible with anything new I might get.
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  1. I'd just wander into a store and get one that fits your needs.
    In this case, there's typically no real difference between the no-name brands and the big brand names.

    I'm not sure how new memory stick pro duo's format is. Hopefully you have an adapter to make it memory-stick size.

    I picked mine up from compusa and it does compactflash 1&2, sd, memory stick, and a bunch more that i never use. i think i paid about 12-15 bucks?

    Heck here's one thats 23 in 1! for like $11 w/ shipping...
  2. Do you want one that fits in a 5.25" drive or an external one?
  3. either one, external could be used for my laptop too has to read all the card formats mentioned though. although an internal would be nice to not have to mess around to hook it up or have something loose. Also XD or whatever the new phones are using card comptability would be nice thinking of changing phones soon.
  4. Personally I like external better - its just more versatile since I have a number of computers. That way I'm not constrained to use a single computer to get some files off of my cards. Plus its portable so I can carry around if need be.

    I wouldn't worry too much about xD cards unless you have them already. xD IMO, is really overpriced and it hasn't had much market success. Its clearly overshadowed by compactflash, and now SD. I think it'll die eventually.

    The newer phone models are using miniSD cards, but I'm not sure if there are card readers out there for those. (must be somewhere, I just haven't seen them)
    I heard of another format coming too, but the name has currently slipped my mind. microSD i think...
  5. I agree that an external is more versatile but when I'm travelling I usually just use an usb cable to attach the camera (or whatever) directly to the laptop. For mini sd there are usually adaptor cards to turn them into SD size.

    I have the Enermax Multifunction Panel which has a 10 in 1 card reader that should meet your needs. It also has 2 usb, 1 firewire, 2 fan controllers and 2 temperature sensors.
  6. looks pretty nice abeit a little pricey at 45 bucks. nice that it has usb also since i have a server case with no front usb headers to stick my usb key and hook my camera to.
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