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I'm having problems using the wireless router connected to a wireless bridge. How should I configure the router so that it can broadcast the internet signal coming from the wireless bridge? STATIC IP, DISABLED DHCP? I'm quite sure what settings should be changed within the router. Thanks.
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  1. When speaking of "BRIDGE" do you mean modem or an Access Point in bridge mode.

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  2. Bridge is a Linksys WET11, a wireless Ethernet Bridge. Is that what you're asking? It's neither a modem or access point. I'm trying to configure SMC router with the WET11.
  3. First connect the modem to the wireless router.Set its channel to ???. Set your SSID.Set your ID to ???. Plug whichever computers needed into the router.

    Now plug the WET11 into the router. Open a Brouser window,IE, Netscape, etc.....

    Type in the WET11's IP adress 192.168.1.???. A window will appear. Type in ADMIN in the password box. Hit enter.

    Change the SSID to match the router(case sensitive). Change IP and Subnet Mask to match router if necessary( router192.168.1.1 Subnet255.255.255.0, WET11 Subnet255.255.255.0.)

    Change mode to INFRASTRUCTURE mode. Set channel to same as router.

    Apply all changes...... Now unplug the WET11 Ethernet cable from the router.

    Open a new brouser window. Type in the WET11's IP adress. type password in enter. If your brouser changes to the configuration window for the WET!! you have succeded.......

    Now set up WEP encryption,mac address cloning,dissable SSID broadcast, or whatever security you feel you need. Now change the password to something with numbers and letters.

    Now move the WET11 to where you wish to place it using the signal meter for best signal strength( you have to keep refreshing the status window to get a reading each time you move it.(this works best with 2 people.1 moving and the other refreshing)

    Now plug a comp,switch,hub game console into the WET11's port using an Ethernet cable.

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