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Odd keyboard problem

Last response: in Windows 7
May 22, 2011 1:17:06 AM

I just finished building a new desktop pc, running Windows 7. It works fine, expect for one very annoying little glitch: the keyboard doesn't function inside games. Pressing the 'WASD' keys seems to return numbers. W, for instance, is usually 4. To complicate this issue further, I can usually get exactly one successful return of the letter keys once the game is running. That is, I can move forward with W for a moment, but then the keyboard becomes unusable.
It works fine within Windows 7 non-game activities. Web browsing and word processing applications do not have this problem, with one exception: Once, while trying to input text in a box on a website, all letters returned numbers. I restarted the computer and this problem was gone and has not returned.

I have tried three keyboards, two ps2 and one USB. Absolutely no difference between them.

I doubt it matters, but the games I have tried (all of which suffer this same problem) are Shogun II, Warcraft III, WoW, and Rift.

The letter keys return a progression of numbers. ie the first tap of W returns a 1. The second a 2, the third a 3, and so on.

Could this be a problem with Direct X? My video card is 10.1, and since I have Windows 7 I have DX 11 installed. I've never heard of this causing problems but it could be pertinent. dxdiag.exe doesn't show any problems.

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June 15, 2011 11:42:29 PM

I am was having this issue as well...and I was getting really pissed off about it as well. However I just found out how to fix it! I am assuming that you are a Comcast Customer and like me installed Comcast Constant Guard to either get Norton or whatever. Well that is the problem Comcast Constant Guard is treating your game Shogun, WoW, and keyloggers and only allows number keystrokes.

Infact when you go to uninstall it there is a survery and of course on of the reason is becasue of number stroking....and when you actually type something in the text box it comes up all numbers! Those goons at comcast know that this is a problem but have yet to let us little people know.

Anyway just uninstall it and your ready to rock again!