P5W DH DELux: Anyone ever measured the NB/SB Temps???

I have heard alot of people complaining about the Motherboard Temps on this P5W DH Deluxe being way too high, around 50 C when idle. I have heard that it is ok to run that high, AND/OR that the sensor output is way high. I have also heard that this "MB temp" is actually measureing the VRM's/Mosfets that deliver the power to the CPU so that this high temp is actually normal for THOSE components.

My question is to all/anyone who has access to a calibrated Infrared(laser) temp sensor. Anyone working in electronics developement or even production should know exactly what Im talking about. Has or can any of you guys point that laser down into/onto the NB and SB and tell the rest of the world weather the sensor output is correct or is it reading too high. Im sure there are literally a thousand people who would love to know for sure. :?:

Lets put this issue to rest once and for all!!
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  1. You don't know the pain trying to look for information on this. My current MB sensor is giving me a 48C reading.. However, I have 2 (yes... you read right) 2 HUGE 8cm fans on top of the motherboard, throwing damn cold air at it. I also touched the heat pipes and they only felt warm to the touch. Now... 119 degrees is not too hot imho, if you think about it, I've been out in hotter days. Can anyone comfirm that this is the right operating environment for this Mobo..(Asus P5W DH Deluxe).
  2. 119 degrees F is not that hot, but most electrical components generally work best in a cooler environment anyway, so it never hurts to take some heat away from your system. To answer the question about the heat gun: yes, there is such a thing and surprisingly I've only seen a restaurant manager use it on food. Yeah, food. He checked to make sure dishes are served in a timely manner after being prepared. It's actually a pretty nifty tool. Just point and pull the trigger. I have no idea who made the thing, though. Have you tried Google yet?
  3. There was no question about weather or not there is such a thing?!?!? Its called an IR thermometer. And it tells you the temperature of whatever you put its laser pointer on. Fluke makes several, you know Fluke? They also make volt meters...hehe.

    I need someone who at lkeast has access to one to use it ont their P5W DH Deluxe. And tell the rest of the world what the temp is verses what the BIOS says.
  4. ok I found this on the ASUS Forums:


    One of the guys "john Statt" says that the MB temp for this board is in fact the VRM temp which supplies power to the CPU. Can someone confirm this by watching the MB temp and giving the VRM area a quick shot of cold spray. If this info is correct and your refresh rate is set to fairly quick like at least once a second, then the temp change should be fairly instantaneous
  5. I have one of those laser thermometers, I know ppl who work for krispykreme doughnuts and they use them there, and I can borrow one.

    But I dont have a p5w dh, I have a p5b deluxe coming in the mail tuesday.
  6. Quote:
    Degree of vcore fluctuation & droop due to overheating MOSFET and/or FSB wall due to overheating chipset. Those are my two gauges for measuring temperature.

    In any case if you're overclocking would've eliminated those factors first by changing the TIM (pad->paste) and active cool them.

    yea wusy we all know your the man!! And people have already done that and reported drops in temp. The question is...if the temp is from the VRM's then why would replacing the NB pad with AS thermal paste make any difference as reported it does, since the temp is froma totally different component. Are those people just fooling themselves?? Wouldnt even YOU like to know the actaul temps??? C'mon, you know you do...hehe

    See my point is that alot of peeps are replacing the pads with adhesive....and reporting a drop in temp. Others are doing the same because of the sheep mentality. If the MB temp being reported is in fact the temp of the VRM then ALL those peeps are removing the NB heatsink with no clue weather it actually needs it. I mean everyone is saying the quiet and cool isnt working because the MB temp is high and so they remove the NB heatsink and use A.S. but for all "I" really know it may be working better than anything ever befor it. Show me the temp!!!
  7. I have never really been into overclocking as much, as I've always tried with older computers and the most you would get is a megahert or two (I've been doing this for close to 16 years). I remeber the overclocking days when I would get 10 Mhz.. ! Now, I am playing around with my Core 2 extreme, and Asus P5W DH Deluxe. I get a 53C temperature MB (Stock heat pipes) and Stock Intel heatsink. I was able to Overclock it to 3300 (330FSBx10 Multiplier) and the ram up to 900Mhz (5-5-5-12). And the lowest Vcore stable (1.365V). I've been running Orthos for 1 hour so far.. and everything looks kosher. Here is my question, if I shelled out 20 dollars for Artic Silver 5 (I have artic silver 1 and 2 btw.. do I even need to get 5??) and another 60 dollars for the zalman heatsink, can I get up to.. lets say.. Mmm.. 4Ghz? What is the max speed you guys think I can get with everything stock. So far, I am up to 3300Mhz and it looks very happy. had a few bouts of F.E.A.R and CivRome with no problem. By the way, is there an actual way to replace the stock heat pipes with active cooling (a chipset heatsink with a fan?) I don't mind the noise.. I get more noise from crickets than my fans.
  8. Wusy has a fairly strong opinion in regards to the Zalman 9500 so Ill let him give you the scoop on heatsinks. and yes you should buy a good one. Just dont waste $65 on one when you can get a good one for 30-35.

    Where the hell does AS5 cost $20!! You can get it online or hell Ebay sells tons of it for $5. And your AS1 or 2 may be just fine. i not sure of the difference except the particle shapes of the silver???
  9. motherboard sensor is apparently in the southbridge, i read it on another forum, thought you might all like to know :D
  10. On my P5W DH Deluxe, I only removed the 2 caps on both SB and NB and I'm between 39 and 43 degrees in full/load so I'm not complaning at all...
  11. My first P5w DH ran 55-59c. I called Asus and they RMAed it. My new one runs 5-10c cooler. I would not even bothered with RMAing but I had hit a wall OCing at 365MHz. Now I can run 420MHz, but I know it's may awful RAM that was the problem. This new board has the same wall unless timings are SPD. I don't think 50c+ south bridge temps are a problem for OCing or with longevity.
  12. G.Skill has killed the 2GBZX kit I have and replaced it with the 2GBPK. It was defective junk.

    I don't think the PK is much better. This suff will not run 1:1 at specs like I wanted. I will never buy G.Skill agian.
  13. G.Skill stopped production of the ZX PC6400. It failed with AM2, and it failed with the 965 chipset. I don't think it works very well with Conroe/Allendale with on any of the chipsets that it manages tol POST with either.

    I'm going to get some D9's, but not G.Skill's. Maybe Super Talents, or Team Group. Corsair never had a failure like this, and now after buying two sets I should have bought the C3's. :?
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