what is L1, L2 cache make any differnce in CPU speed ???

Hi friends
thanks for your reply regarding AMD duron -750 Vs P-II 450 slot -1(512K)

with all your reply i come to decision that AMD - Duron 750 is better than P-II 450 so i decide to go with duron

again question arise about cache

i would like to know between this two processer P-II 450 (slot 1 )has 512K cache
and i don;t know about AMD - Duron 750 has?? may be 128 ??

so my question again still regarding( cache ram) AMD is more powerfull than this P-II 450 slot 1 (512k) ????

i am using this motherboard (link bellow) with AMD-Duron 750

thanks you all for your reply

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  1. The differences in L1 and L2 cache may affect the performance of CPUs of the same architecture. In general, more L1 and L2 caches will speed up the CPU.
  2. Even with way less cache the Duron 750 will leave a P2 450 for dust.

    The cache on the P2s that are that old isnt even on die iirc, but on the daughterboard in the slot 1 cartridge, meaning massive latencies compared to the Durons on-die cache. I'm pretty sure it also ran at something around 1/4 to 1/2 the clock of the CPU, again we are talking about such old CPUs that i'm not 100% certain.
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