Nvidia 7900GS Trouble HELP A GAMER!!!

I just bought a new Dell Desktop with a nice Pentium D 2.8, 1gb or Ram in DDR2 and a 256mbs 7900GS, I'm useing a VGA Compaq monitor from my old PC with a DVI to VGA converter. So I start playing some games on it

I was shocked when I see that Elders Scroll IV and FEAR:Combat (both games with the Havock engine) start to chrashing or haveing lots of problems with the textures and meshes but games like Doom3 or the Pray demo run at full graphic performance. I partially solved the problem at first reduceing textures to a medium detail and quiting anti-alaising and some advances features.

After that I check my drivers and it apears that I still have the old 84.31 Drivers from Nvidia and if I try to instal the new 91 version it just says "No compatible drivers for your hardware configuration found" I contact Dell and they say that maybe if uninstalling the Dell driver and putting the new one... BUT EVEN UNISTALLIG IT DOESN'T HELP!!!

Please I beg to some one to response to this, I love games and it's just frustrateing that in the middle of a nice on-line play I have to re-start the PC.

Please Help meee!!!!
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  1. "Dude your dell sucks"

    Ok now seriously My personal opinion of what you should do is get an OEM Windows XP Disk and wipe that sucker clean. manufactures always put junk software on systems that will slow it down and since they almost never update the drivers that are on the systems when they ship you definantly need to update those. and ofcourse I have to state make sure your Direct X is now 9.0c. get the latest patches for the games. AND also who makes that 7900GS if it is a dell OEM then you will have to look for an alternate driver there are people out there that make them. I had a similar problem with my dell 9300 Laptop that sports a 6800GO. That is the best I can do. But I will tell you know you will get no where talking to dell they dont cover software they will only tell you the basics and tell you to contact the Manufacture of the Games.
  2. From the woot forum for the 7900GS woot-launch (which should be the same Dell OEM 7900GS):


    A quick FYI to everyone that bought this card...........

    THE 91.31 NVIDIA DRIVERS DO NOT WORK. as of 8/23/2006.

    here is the proper driver to use
    Forceware 91.33 Beta


    I'm still waiting on my 7900GS to arive, so I haven't confirmed that these drivers work. So, your mileage may vary.

    I also see the Dell Drivers here.
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