Looking for help in learning to overclock

I checked out the sticky for P4 overclocking but still wanted to learn some more and see what you guys had to say. I have always liked PC's and know a lot about them but when it comes to PC overclocking It would be like asking me to prepare a gourment meal, probably not going to work.

I am hoping that you guys can help me out and tell me about overclocking and what not, I am using the Bios to Overclock. I tried it a bit earlier and got mixed results but I am still posting this thread on this computer so I would say it turned out successful Razz.

My Specs are

Asus P5GDC Deluxe motherboard
Intel P4 3.0Ghz Prescott
2GB Ram 512x4 2 Generic, 2 Samsung
24 Pin Power Supply, 450Watt - not sure of company
Segate 250GB HD Sata
EvGA Nvidia 7900GT PCI Express

If you guys could please tell me a little more about how to overclock through the Bios and what I need to do. With the pictures below, if you could elaborate betweem them and tell me about them I would greatly appreciate it.

That's my main Bios Overclocking Screen. It's on Manual right now and earlier I had the CPU Frequency set at 211 and it was running at 3.17 Overclocked. (See next pic). Can I leave everything on Auto and just change the core Voltage and the frequency or do I need to start changing everything?

I was running like this for a bit, this was the highest I could go and get the PC started. I played around with the Voltage and put it all the way up to 1.500 but the pc just wouldn't start but did with 211 Frequency at 1.3875 which upped the voltage to 1.44.

My PC Kept shutting off after about 15 minutes so I have set it back to Manual for now on stock 200 frequency.

Which would be the best to choose for overclocking? I tried the AI NOS (see below pic) but that didn't do anything. The first time Iv'e seen results is changing the frequency but like said above couldn't go past 3.17 (211 Core Frequency) What is most recommend to Overclock, Auto doesn't really Overclock at all. Do any of you Use AI NOS?

I tried using this setting and what not but didn't see any proven results my PC stayed at 3.0Ghz. How do you set this up, what settings do you use, what Percentage and is this the best way to Overclock or should you just use Manual?

Thanks for takin the time to help me out guys, I appreciate it and hope now I understand Overclocking better. Thanks again.

AIM - Novak921
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  1. You need to lock your pci express and pci buses. That could explain why your overclock is so......pitiful.

    Also, your RAM is pitiful when it comes to overclocking. Sorry, but there isn't any other way to put it.

    Just to add insult to injury - do not increase cpu voltage unless you are willing to replace it! Increasing voltage is the most dangerous part of overclocking, simple.

    Sorry for all the bad news, but it seems to me that some of your hardware just isn't up to the task.
  2. Yeah no offense taken, Iv'e kind of came to the conclusion that besides my Nice video card my Ram lacks in quality quite bad so that prevents a good OC but thanks for your help anyways
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