about dsl modems

im new at your community
i have heard that this site is very good and has a lot of information about pc hardware
im about to get a dsl at my home and i have some questions about dsl modems
plz tell me dsl modems with which i will play with lower or the lowest possible ping (im playing CounterStrike)
at servers
which are better?
the external dsl modems or the pci??
btw my dsl speed will be 384/128
also plz tell me which are the good manufactures of dsl modems
also explain me plz why this or that is better than another
i would like to know more about dsl and dsl modems
i can afford up to 190 Euros for a dsl modem so plz dont tell me models which are above this standard
plz tell me secured sites sites where i can buy each dsl modem you suggest
thanks a lot
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  1. Most of the cases u will get a dsl modem with your dsl line. If not, then any modem will do it ;) No kiding, most of the modems offers the same features, and your ping hardly will depend on how much money u spend on your dsl modem.

    The differences comes when u buy a dsl router with hub/switch integrated, but even those differences arent that big. If someone tells u to buy a dsl modem which costs 10 times more than the others, u most likely being fooled ;)

    I'd rather chose an external dsl modem with ethernet interface since this way u can connect it to a switch. (and what if that internal dsl modem dont have a good linux/bsd support? what if its similar to the stupid winmodems...)

    Btw, about your ping... isdn can have better pings than the dsl ;) This is due to the dsl technology, between your dsl modem and the dslam device there is always a minimum ~20-30msec delay (or even more!).
  2. Most of the cases u will get a dsl modem with your dsl line.
    what do you mean by that? :/
    whats the benefits if ethernet interface for a home user?
    so what models do you suggest me to check out??
    does anyone know?
    thanks again
    ps. i had posted again but i dont know what happened
  3. >Most of the cases u will get a dsl modem with your dsl line.

    In my case i subscribed to a dsl connection with an ISP, and the telephone company installed next week the dsl modem, and in a few hour i was able to use the net. When want a DSL connection u have to pay an "entry" fee, which contains the price of the dsl modem, or u can make your contract to 3 years long, and u dont have to pay for the modem. There is no option for a "modem-less" contract, (ie. u want to buy your own modem), so modem is included in the price.

    >whats the benefits if ethernet interface for a home user?

    Well, if u dont have network at home (or dont even a network card) then u can buy a pci card version, its your choice. I have 3 PCs here with a switch, so its evident i'd chose a modem with ethernet interface. And if you buy a network card (which costs almost nothing), your lanparty problems are solved also ;)) Another benefit if you want to connect it to a computer where u cant install a pci card (those integrated *super* motherboards..., or an old pc which have only isa slots).

    > so what models do you suggest me to check out??

    As i said i never had to buy a dsl modem. I suggest u to pick randomly from diferent models, and buy the cheapest one, it will work. The price... if i take my "entry fee" as a modem price it would be about 80$ (to compare it a simple 8 port 100mbit d-link switch costs here 60$).
  4. well my isp will get me a modem but it will suX
    as for the ethernet
    its not for me
    so about 80 $ for a modem
    is this a reasonable price??? :/
    also i have heard that d-link has a lot of good models
  5. What do you mean by "it will sux" ? U know that your isp give out deffective dsl modem?
  6. yeah ! :P
  7. Tell them not to give a crap one ;) If they refuse to cooperate sue them. Its works.
  8. well i cannot tell them something like that
    because its the only isp which has a network all iver the country and the other isp has o network only in the capital city of Greece
    i will buy also another one
    do you know something???
  9. what do you know about it that you know it will suck? LIke he said, the modem makes ~0 difference
  10. there is a difference with ping at games between isdn modems so there will be a difference with dsl modems
    plz if you dont play games on the net stfu
  11. actually, i do, so please dont tell me to stfu. I was just wondering how you knew that your modem the isp gave you would be crap...
  12. if you dont know what your talking about then stfu. isdn is a joke, the technology is 10 years old. of course different quality is going to affect somthing like that when the speed is only around 10kb/s anyway. dsl is much faster than that so cheap components wont differ from better ones since the technology has been perfected.

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