Random BSOD and overclock instability

I recently upgrade to windows 8 and even since then almost daily i get a bsod for memory manangment. I retain same overclock settings I did on windows 7 which 100 percet stable but now my settings super unstable and I wonder if it is factor.

120612-14312-01.dmp 06/12/2012 01:26:11

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT 0x0000001a 00000000`00000403 fffff680`0003b638 8b000003`9c89c867 00000000`00000000
ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+7a740
x64 ntoskrnl.exe+7a740
4 15 9200 297,128

above is the error codes that bluescreenview give me I wonder if anyone can help me diagnoise problem whocrashed keep telling me it is likly a driver issues any ideas?
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  1. -Windows 8 has enhanced data integrity checking and will detect errors that windows 7 will not. (not to say that is the problem)

    - memory chip connections to the module board can fail with repeated heat cycles
    this issues is compounded by the new lead free solder used to make the connections.
    (again, not saying this is your problem)

    -if you put your dump on the cloud, it is pretty easy for someone to take a quick look at it and look for easy to find issues. Overclock issues are hard to debug, often you will see processors missing interrupts because setup and hold times of circuits are being violated because of two fast clock speeds.

    same with hardware drivers, for example a driver may give 16 clock ticks at normal speed to allow the hardware to respond but it might need twice that at a higher clock rate. (depending on how it is written)
  2. Run memtest86+. BSOD looks like a RAM related one.
  3. Windows 8 also makes good use of the processors built-in over-clocking (Speed-Boost), try going back to stock speeds and voltages and see if the machine is stable; or post some form of machine spec.
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