computer restarts while using internet !

Hey i hope someone will help me......

each time i use the internet the computer restarts after 30-40 min max....
and if i was using the net and i opened any video file it restarts before finishing the video !!

For godsake help me ......

AMD 4200+
2 giga rams
MSI Diamond Plus
FSP 700w
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  1. Have you checked your temperatures?
  2. Scan your computer for a sasser worm.
  3. Make sure you have auto-restart turned off.

    System Properties->Advanced->Startup and Recovery
    Uncheck that blasted Automatically Restart checkbox!!
  4. I kinda wonder if this guy has been able to read replys, if it reboots when using the internet connection.
  5. LOLOLOLOL, he might be on safe mode.

    I had this problem. Everytime I went on the internet, the computer restarted. So I scanned our pc in safe mode and found a sasser worm. Everything was well after that.

    (Excet for our stupid airline braking the pins of my cpu, they denied it)
  6. Sorry for being late ...

    Anyway i tried everything , scanned my pc many times using AVAST checked the tempreture .... 36c idle 40 while playing ..

    PS: im not using my pc LOL ...

    Yes my pc is DESKTOP
  7. I suggest you uninstall avast and install antivir.

    You can download a sasser worm scanner from

    I really do hope you fix it, it gave me a hard time when I had no idea what it was or even what to do. You can start your pc on save mode by pressing F"number", it is not always the same. It might be F12, F10, F8 or F2, or look at your screen when you start your computer.

    Keep pressing one of them and you should be seeing options after starting your pc, chose safe mode with yes. Then download antivir and a saaser worm scanner. And use this too : b4 uninstalling or installing anything.

    download it and scan ur pc.

    Have fun.
  8. If it's not a worm, then it's got to have something to do with that crappy Nvidia chipset. For two years I've had NOTHING but major problems using Nforce 4 based boards. Most of them had to do with the Ethernet card and/or firewall setup, and some the IDE setup. The most common were the Ethernet problems, and sometimes it involved random reboots when using the Internet (heavily). I switched to an Intel chipset while waiting for my Core 2 chip, and I'm happy to report very few problems while using a temporary 805, unless I overclock it to much.
  9. I have seen this problem.

    Install another network card and I believe your problems will be gone.
  10. I would suggest disabling the Automatic system restart and checking if there is a BSOD. If there is - look for an error code/description or a file name.

    Although this is probably irrelevant ... I have experienced the same problem with modems (dial up) conflicting with HT (Could be the same with Dual Core). Whenever I was online after 4-5 mins I would get a BSOD and IRQ_LESS_OR_EQUEL (or something like that).

    Check for the BSOD.

    Also if you could tell us what kind of connection you have - and how you connect (Modem / router e.t.c) it could really help.

  11. Uninstall the Nforce firewall, and run just the windows firewall if you feel you need one.
  12. When the my computer does this I always test my memory with mem test. It is easy and free and in 90 percent of my cases was my problem. Good luck. Bad memory modules can wreak havoc.
  13. Thanx all guyz i will try what you've just told me.... Hope it will work
  14. my pc restart while using internate
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