CPU or Mobo?

I really could have made this thread in the mobo or cpu section, but I decided to try here first. Upon starting my computer, every now and then I'll be alerted by my BIOS in this manner: "Warning: the CPU has been changed! Please go into CMOS and reconfigure! Your PC is now running in fail-start mode." When I go back into BIOS and reload optimized configurations, I won't get that message again. But after a shut-down and power-up, I get it again. It never seems to affect anything, but it's beginning to bug me, and if it's hardware I want to make sure I return it before my 30-day replacement guarantee is up.

Mobo: Abit AT8
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400 dual core
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  1. Its the bios battery. Its not holding the information you save.

    Ive had the exact same problem for 9 months because i cant be arsed buying a new battery since my ex-flatmate stole my last one :evil:

    Wont cost much to replace.
  2. Agreed it should be the bios battery.

    Also, you should check to see if the CMOS jumper is on correctly.

    If it isn't on the right jumpers, it basically prevents the battery current to the bios.
  3. Ok, will do. Thanks for the help guys!
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