WD Raptor Retail vs. OEM

Is there any reason to purchase a retail drive vs. an OEM drive from NewEgg. I'm ordering two WD 10K 16 meg cache raptors from them and can't see any difference between the two other than the pretty box.

The savings is close to $170 for both drives (OEM even has a mail-in rebate, I hate em, but I always send em in!)

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  1. No, take the OEM.
  2. I purchased two 74GB OEM Raptors from Newegg last year. I saw no reason to spend the extra cash for the retail package. No regrets. :)
  3. Thanks for letting me know! That's gonna save me a good deal of money!
  4. Only difference is retail packing usually includes utility software floppies, cables, and possibly 3.5" to 5.25" mounting brackets and an instruction manual.

    Some retail kits also include a PCI controller.

    OEM is just the drive in an antistatic bag.

    The actual drive is the same, the waranty is the same.
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