Combined CPU technologies??

Would it be possible to take the best Uarch design features of AMD's and Intel's finest and integrate them with each other onto one die?

Obviously, some features would not be able to be combined. Others would be pointless. But in the spirit of "take the best, leave the rest" are there features of the 2 Uarchs compatible enough to do such a thing?
Let’s disregard mechanical limitations of the socket and mobo. Our theoretical CPU has no bus bottlenecks between memory, chipset and CPU
Lets also disregard any manufacturing roadblocks.

If so:
-would the die be of reasonable size?
-would integrating all the best "combinable" bits result in a superior performing processor, or a bloated dud of a pocket calculator?
-what would the ideal combination (if any) of features be?

Just something to cogitate on.

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  1. Quote:
    Various items could be combined, for example prefetch logic, branch preditor logic --- never happen, guarded secrets, but imaging building the best of both worlds.

    I wondered sometime ago if one took a K8 core, put it on an Intel process, upped the cache (say double to 2x2 meg), what would you get ??

    That would be interesting to see.
    I imagine it would take vast amounts of manpower, and moula to design and manufacture. I guess that falls under "manufacturing roadblocks". :wink:
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