gigabyte ds3 + E6400 (my first overclock)


I am attempting my first overclock using the DS3 and E6400 with a Big Typhoon cooler and some Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800mhz 4-4-4-12 ram. My goal is to get slightly above 3ghz and be stable on prime95 for a while.

I have heard of overclocks way higher than this for this setup on I feel I should be able to reach it no problem..

Im pretty new to overclocking but ive been reading a lot lately... what ive gathered is I basically just increase FSB slowly and when it doesnt boot anymore, give it more voltage..and i also increased the voltage in my ram as well..

however..what im wondering high of voltage do i need.. mines at 1.37 right now for cpu and 2.1 for ram..i dont htink im going any higher on the ram..but i think i can still push the cpu?

my temps are fine..still idling mid/low 30's

so right now i also have the FSB pushed to 320 with the ram multiplier 2.5 which gives them 800mhz (what they are rated for..).. when i push FSB higher i thinki have to drop ram multiplier back down to 2.0 so i dont break my ram..

i noticed when i upped the fsb to ram timings got worse up to 5-5-5-18 from the 4-4-4-12 i had at fsb of 266 and ram voltage at 1.9..

at these settings (in the screenshot) i am able to run super pi.. and use my compute normally just fine.. but PRIME95 crashes it in like 30 seconds.. so its not stable..and i dont get should be able to do this easily.

here are some screenshots...a little guidance would be great, thanks.

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  1. drop multiplier to 2

    dont go above 1.5 volts on air cool, 1.55 is dead max on air cooling

    I dont have info on ram but 2.2V should still be fine but you dont need to give it anymore V unless u go above 400FSB and the ram needs to be OC'd

    prime may crash becasue of other things that dont run at the speed you set, i.e. memory. Run prime using only the CPU test( small fft)
  2. I'm using a DS3 with an E6300 on stock hs/fan with generic pc5300.

    I hit 390fsb before I had any problems. I upped the memory voltage to 1.9 and it's been steady at 410fsb. CPU is at stock voltage(2.87ghz). My memory timings are set to auto (aka, rock bottom).

    Try dropping your memory to 1:1 (2.00) and see if you can take it any higher. You should be able to. Also, to find your FSB limits, drop your CPU multiplier to 7x and see how far you can take it. That should give you an idea of where your limits are. For me, everything points at the ram.

    Also, I'd use the BIOS to overclock. EasyTune locked up when I tried to OC past 330FSB. In fact, I'd uninstall it just to be sure. :)
  3. haha yeah, thanks guys for your suggestions..ive been pushing it pretty well..

    i dont use easy tune to oc..just to check my temps.. how accurate are the readings???

    right now i got it running at 2.8ghz..i htink my goal is 3.2ghz..i should be able to reach..

    i was just wondering what FULL LOAD temps should be under to be safe... and what program should i use to read temps accurately..

    at 2.8ghz at full load easy tune is telling me 46C..not too bad?
  4. I like using speedfan. There's also a program called S&M, but all the info on it's in Russian (program is english tho). It shows the same temps as speedfan and easytune, but with one decimal place, so it's easy to tell when and how fast temps are changing. I just can't figure out why the monitoring function of that program seems to sometimes not be available. The tab for that function just disappears.

    I've had a hard time getting easytune to open around 400fsb, but it could be all these other monitoring programs.

    I'm messing around with some 2 year old ddr2 533 that i pulled out of a dell. I've got 1 stick of it running at 390 right now, at tighter timings than my 667 could pull... :?

    edit: 390 with the 533ddr2 and 410 with the 667ddr2. I wish I had a stick of decent ram just to see how far i could take this thing, but all considered, I'm happy with what I got.

    My temps have been reading at >60c at full load (run two instances of SP2004). SP2004 is a prime95 gui... it'll show you how hot that cpu can get when both cores are fully tasked. I'm running on stock heatsink/fan (my thermalright 120 is in the mail someplace). Your temps should be considerably cooler than mine, although I don't know how much that effects the OC. I'm stable even when cpu is dancing around 68c. The northbridge worries me... that heatsink gets crazy hot. unless the memory fairy drops by, I'm done. good luck and I hope this info is of some use to ya.
  5. vcore to 1.425...thats kinda high... is that really necessary? i saw some people on stock vcore at 3.2..

    see im just unsure about the temps..cause every program except CoreTemp is giving me my low 45C load temps.... CoreTemp even claims my idle temp is 50C..which cant be true.. BIOS/EasyTune/SpeedFan all say my idle is 36C .. coretemp is saying my idle is 50 and load is 53..that doesnt seem right...

    i have a Big Typhoon heatsink, my new faster 120mm fan for it will be here soon. I think i might have put too much AS5.. i tried to keep it a little smaller than the size of a BB..but i think i might have gone a little bigger..? would that effect my temps much? should i try to reseat the big typhoon?
  6. there are no clips, but sure, ill unscrew it..should i just clean off the AS5 and reapply? or 'twisting' it will be fine?

    cause someone told me coretemp reads the correct temperatures which mine are WAY to high then..

    coretemp says my idle at 50C but then itonly says my load are 54..which seems weird..

    but every other program says my idle is 36 and load 44 (including my bios)

    so i odnt know what to guessing its not seated right
  7. hey i reseated everything got my idle temps in coretemp to read around 36C full load around 44C...

    also, i figured all the OC'ing stuff out..

    but I decided i dont wanna risk shortening my lifespan so im not gonna raise voltage..

    I am overclocked to 2.8ghz (8x350) with a undervolted vcore at 1.30v! Ran dual prime stable for 12 hours...
  8. Hi,

    Could you tell me what your final settings were?

    I've got mine running e6400 at 3.ghz, fsb:375, memory Corsair xms6400C 800mhz at 4-4-4-12 running at a 2* mutlipler, 750mhz. I've upped the memory voltage to 2.1v (is this too high for this memory?).

    I'd like to know how you set the multipler etc. What your memory speed is because I thought I'd get it higher than 750 at a 2 multiplier...

    I'm at 3ghz but It doesn't seem that much faster than at normal clock speed. Also my 3dmark05 speed has gone down slightly (9050 down to 8845). Is this to do with the memory multiplier.

    I can't get it go faster as my machine reboots. I'm guessing memory is causing this but I'm not sure.

    Also with memory I was told the 6400C memory could go to 1000mhz but mine will crash if I go to 2.1 v

    I'm new to this also but can't see what's causing the crash except maybe the memory.

    Help appreciated.
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