Dell Inspiron E1505 Core Duo T2050 1.6 OC?

Hey all! I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron E1505 with a Core Duo T2050 chip clocked at 1.6Ghz. It has a Gig of RAM, x1400 graphics card, and 120GB hard drive, among other components.

I'm not new to overclocking, but I am a virgin to the idea of overclocking a laptop. To my understanding, it's risky and voids warranties, and probably lowers the longevity of the laptop.

However, the OC'er in me just has to inquire about getting the most bang out of my silicon.

So I ask: Does anyone have any experience with overclocking a T2050 chip, or overclocking other Core Duo's in Inspirons? Or just Inspirons and other experiences with notebook overclocking? Is it worth it?

Any advice, comments, or suggestions are quite welcome. )

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  1. Oc'ing on a laptop ---your first and largest limiting factor would be heat.
    Next being the PSU.

    If you could get in with a 40mm fan might help....but laptops arent meant to be clocked much higher than spec'd.
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