Pentium D 805 overclock ECS C-19-A ....... RAM QUESTION

ok so i just got this brand new computer, here are the spects:

1 x Intel Pentium D 805
2 x G.SKILL 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 533 (PC2 4200)
2 x 7300GT (SLI)
1 x ECS C19-A SLI (1.0A) Socket T (LGA 775) NVIDIA nForce4 SLI XE ATX Intel Motherboard
1 x 160GB HD

plus lots of fans and stuff to keep everything cool..

anyways, according to CPU-Z this is whats goin on:

Volt: 1.2
Core Speed: 3.625 MHz
Bus Speed: 181.3 Mhz
Rated FSB: 725.0 Mhz

Freq.:332.3 Mhz
FSB:DRAM 12:22
CAS Latency 4.0 clocks
Ras to CAS 5 clocks
Ras precharge 5 clocks
Cycle time: 15 clocks
Bank Cycle Time 20 clocks

i overclocked my CPU, obviously, with a Zalman cooler, and i have fans with my video cards, the problem is that i jsut wanna know if i overclocked not so sure about my RAM overclock....if anyone has any idea, also, my computer acts so weird sometimes..jsut today it restarded by it self twice in less than 10 mins, does this have to do with my overclocking, and also, sometimes when i turn my pc on, the clock gets reset to like 2001 and a different date .
if anyone could please tell me whats goin on

thanks soo much!
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  1. Your core voltage seems pretty low. I think default is somewhere around 1.3 or 1.35 volts. I had an 805D running at 3.8GHz and my core voltage was 1.47. Try increasing the voltage to 1.4 and see if that helps.
  2. Similar setup..
    With air cooling the highest i can go for sustained loads is ~3.5Ghz.
    Any higher and it started crashing under load.
    Cant rem the voltage tho :(
  3. I've been rocking out at 4.00Ghz for a few months now with my D805 and Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro (Air cooling if you don't know :P)

    Just to make sure, is your RAM brought up to the voltage that G.Skill says it is supposed to run at?

    Also, CPU-Z doesn't always report voltage correctly. Tell us what your voltage reads in your BIOS and if you have raised it or not.

    If the answer is no, and you are still at stock voltage, bump it up the minimum increase you can until the PC is stable. I had to up the voltage at around 3.5Ghz if I remember, and my current specs are in my sig.
  4. If that is the core voltage you totally need more.

    Other than that, remember not *every* D805 is going to overclock well...
  5. Heh, he's at 3.6Ghz with a 2.66Ghz processor. I would call that "overclocking well" :P Even if it isn't as high as most get, a 1Ghz OC is still pretty sweet if you ask me!
  6. Not to be mean or anything but y did u get 7300gts in sli?

    topic: 1.2 is pretty low for and 805.
  7. i got the 7300gts two days before they lowered the price of the 7600gt...almost wanted to shoot myself...but o well raise the voltage on cpu AND RAM right?? i do that on the BIOS..or is there a nifty little program to do that
  8. ok i got speedfan and

    Vcore1: 1.20V
    Vcore2: 1.17V
    +3.3V: 3.36V
    +5V: 5.03V
    +12V: 12.03V
    -12V: 4.01V
    -5V: 4.05V
    +5V: 5.13V
    Vbat: 3.06V

    is my ram freq.. alright with my cpu freq..and how about my timings...i dont know much about that...but they seem pretty high...and also i set up my motherboard to control the voltage to the cpu to i havent changed a thing yet...should i sill add some volts..and if yes how much,,...plz anyone thx!
  9. You definatly can't leave the voltage on auto for anything when you overclock. I think eventually you want to get the memory to 363 so the diveder is 1:1 but for now leave it where it is at and get the CPU stable first.
  10. my pc jsut restarded as i was typin this the first time what should i put as my voltage...1.3..??..and is this a cpu or RAM problem
  11. Start at 1.4 and work up. Don't excede 1.525 or so.
  12. alright, will do...i downloaded Prime95, BEFORE makin my volts higher...and this is what happened:

    [Sat Aug 26 17:39:59 2006]
    UID: caytos, User: Carlos Guardia,
    FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
    Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

    any ideas??

    ever since i connected my TV to my video this started happening,, before it was fine..even with AUTO as voltage...
  13. You would expect errors and reboots with a low voltage. That is what we would call an "unstable" overclock. Here is what you need to do.

    1)Restart and enter into BIOS.

    2)Arrow down to the CPU core voltage selector, and see what the BIOS sets as the AUTO voltage.

    3)Raise the voltage from whatever setting AUTO is at (1.365 if I remember right) by the smallest increment allowed. (Probably 0.025V)

    4)F10 and save your settings.

    5)Run Prime95 for 10 minutes or so and see if you get any errors or a reboot. If you get an error or your PC restarts, go to 6). If it runs "stable" go to 7).

    6)Restart and enter into BIOS. Raise the voltage another smallest increment available. Try Prime95 again and if it is stable after 10-15 minutes go to 7).

    7)If stable after 10-15 in Prime95, run Prime for a couple hours. Try 3dMark and loop the test for a few hours or overnight and make sure everything is good to go.
  14. ok, my cpu voltage is at 1.365V...and its running Prime95 now...and it hasnt given me any errors like last time....however, i noticed that theres a DIMM voltage too....whats that for..and what should it be put at .. right now its at 1.8V....thx...i think my pc is more stable downloadin 3dmark as i type this
  15. What ever your memory requires to run. Usually between 1.8 and 2.2 volts.
  16. Each D805 is different, and can be set at anything between 1.2 and 1.4v. They are binned and set this way as Smithfields power consumption is massive, and lower voltage means lower heat.

    ALL of them CAN take 1.4v and still remain completely in spec. Even the side of the retail box doesnt list the set voltage, just '1.40v max'. START at 1.4 as a minimum if you are overclocking imho.

    Wusy is the god of RAM. He says 2.1-2.2v. Trust him. Dont leave it at 1.8.
  17. alright, so i took everyones advice, and ran Prime95 for 7hours and 30 minutes...and NO that good...should i mess with the voltage and stuff anymore...i kinda want to overclock to 3.8Ghz..since my temp..wont pass 60..even at 100% cpu power...what do u guys think?

    thx for everyones help
  18. It's stable if it can do that. You can keep increasing speed and voltage just keep the load temps below 70c.
  19. I have that exact same Mobo and CPU. The CPU I have sitting at the stock voltage and running at 3.78Ghz the Ram I OCed a lttle and raised it to like one tick higher. Its a nice combo for the price but it shouldnt be rebooting at random like that (Im thinking its the RAM and as others have stated it needs more power) I usualy only increase voltage to a CPU as a last resort.

    Running Folding at home in the background with my firewall and antivirus my temps are 45-49C. But im using some cooler I ordered that has 3 heat pipes (forgot the name already)

    Edit: Do you have the latest BIOS from ECS ? Its like 1.1a or something.

    Edit Edit: I did some digging in my email and found where I ordered from (Newegg of course lol) order history is so cool... anyway here it is and its pretty cheap 28.99 and it fits well.

    Direct BIOS link
  20. what do u have ur RAM voltage at?

    EDIT: ok guys, overclocked to 3.8..and it hasnt restarted yet...i need to run Prime95 still...but im wondeing something about the RAM....should the FSB:DRAM be 1:1

    right now its at 16:30

    im afraid that if i raise the Freq on the ram....the latency or those number..
    might go up....whats that mean anyways...should i still raise the freq to make it 1:1
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