939nf4g-vsta audio wont work with windows7 64 bit

I hvae a AS Rock 939NF4G-VSTA motherboard. Sound worked perfectly when I was running Windows XP. However since installing windows7 64Bit , my sound card won't work as windows won't recognise it. Have checked out the ASrock website for an update to the drivers but they don't have one. Probably want me to but a new motherboard which I don't need. Has anyone else had this problem? If so did you fix it and how did you fix it. Please help. Don;t want to go back to XP now.

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    That's a pretty old setup and my first guess is they never issued driver support for win 7. I'm on my 3G iPhone so I can't easily research to be sure but I'm pretty sure that's your problem.

    My suggestion to you would be to go online and purchase the cheapest sound card that is win 7 compatible. That's your cheapest/easiest solution IMO...
  2. Thanks yes I have done that managed to get a sound card from for about £7.00 UK, that they said would cure the problem. The motherboard works fine for everything else. I only had it installed a year or so ago and as I don't use the pc for any serious gaming etc, doesn't seem worthwhile spending a fortune upgrading it. Hopefully the new card will fix the problem
  3. Received new Sound card from Amazon, took me longer to get the side off the PC than to install it. Windows found the software and within 5 mins I had my sound back. Sound seems better than before. Well pleased. Fromm my searches on the Web this problem is quite a common one with older mother boards especially ASUS.
  4. I think it's probably more of a win 7 compatibility issue tha anything and is possible to be more common in ASUS mobos.

    Glad u got it fixed!
  5. Yes you are probably right, but if the sound driver Win7 issue is the only one I have with Windows7 then I am lucky. Least it seems to work better than Vista did. Hated Vista. Would have stayed with XP but I was getting driver issues with it when I plugged in new USB's. XP would not recognise my plug & play mouse and I kelpt on getting error messages when I booted up the Pc and the mouse would not scroll.
  6. Yes, your better off with Win 7 for many reasons... =D
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