Do I need a water cooled system?

Do you need a water cooled case if you're not planning on oc'ing? I do plan on having dual GPUs ... but I'm going to be using the new core 2 duo's which run much cooler now.

Just thought I would ask and get some input.

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  1. WC is not needed unless you need it to be DEAD silent or are overclocking to EXTREME speeds or if you have a huge wad of cash in your pocket that cannot possibly be spent anywhere else.

    Air-Cooled setups can be very quiet and OC to great heights, as well.

    My personal opinion.

  2. Thanks for confirming what I had suspected. This is my first self-built system and figure I'll have enough bumps in the road to overcome without needing to introduce setting up the cooling system. Once it's up and running and I decide to try and OC the system, then perhaps I can do it later as an upgrade!
  3. Excellent and good luck with your build!

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