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60 days in Morrowind

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May 23, 2005 7:50:48 PM

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Ever wonder what your journal would look like if
it was a real diary instead of a collection of
hints and taskings? Well, I kept one for 60
game days, and have copied it below. It contains
some spoilers for Seekers, Investigators, Broken
Glass and Haldenshore and possibly a few other mods.
And, alas, it is not really more coherent than the
in-game journal since I wrote it by capturing thoughts
at the end of each game-day rather than as a "story".
So, if anyone else is still playing MW, here it is:

16 Lastseed (Day 1) Arrival of the Last Guardian of the Lost, Rowella

Today, I arrived in the small port village of Seyda Neen. The guards
that Uriel Septiem himself set me free. Right. Just like they told
me he
ordered me arrested personally. The elves and Imperials seem to think
Nords have the minds of rocks.

This is a strange land, with a musky swamp smell that infects
I spent my first day crabbing and gathering mushrooms to sell for food
and steel. This turned more profitable than I expected since I
that someone has been hiding gold, silver and magical trinkets in
trees. A little jumping, a little climbing, and I ended up with an
Iron Shard
Axe to wield and gold to trade for some rusty imperial armor. I got
gold--but less satisfaction--from finding the tax collector's body and
tracking down his murderer. I also nearly got killed by the wolf
on the body. I suspect I owe a certain cute little elf for the axe
that saved
my life. Perhaps I should bribe him with a bit of gold to ease the
when he discovers four hollow trees that are now empty of everything
dank odors.

One other thing of note happened. I found Lord Brin's ashes--along
with Mentor's ring, in one of the local tombs. How did Brin come to
be remembered here in this backwater village?

17 Last Seed, Day 2.

I took my crab and mushroom hunting east and south today, around the
nearby village of Haldenshore. The thieves guild has run amok there.
Deliberately, it seems. A nice Argonian gave me a fine Orcish bracier
for helping out a..."traveler." I spent the rest of the day with
three "travelers" following me around looking for a safe place to stay.
Finally, in the nearby town of Pelagiad, I found them--and me--a place
rest. May they find what they seek. I felt stronger, much refreshed,
the morning.

18 Last Seed, Day 3.

Made it to the town of Balmora. Spent the day sweetalking everyone in
Traded up to bonemold armor and had a nice steel war axe enchanted to
produce a Bound Axe on strike. As evening fell, I paid for mage guild
to Caldera. I talked merchants up and down well into the night, and
up to a nearly full set of adamantium armor. Which was perhaps a very
thing as I was attacked by a mysterious assassin when trying to sleep
for the
night. The guards say the Dark Brotherhood must have a contract out on
Which is about a believable as the Emporer himself imprisoning me and
me free. Or the thieve's guild in Haldenshore wanting me to buy them a


Met an elderly Argonian named Chavis, who is Lore Master of a group of
eccentrics who call themselves Seekers. I decided to join his little
group. It should provide me with a story for why I am wandering about,
so no one will have reason to wonder why a Nord is curious.
they should not match my seekings with that which we have lost.

19 Last Seed, Day 4

Delivered the "emporer's package" to Caius in Balmora. Traded up my
and helm to Dreugh. Need to find somewhere to sell my extra pair of
adamantium boots; I am tired of carrying them around. Also need to
a dwemer coin for Chavis. Maybe I'll have a go in that old Dwemer
near Fort Moonmoth. spent the day training in heavy armor. I don't
on giving up my Adamantium, but thought the training might help me
up my stamina. No noticable effect so far.

20 Last Seed, Day 5

Another assassin attacked me as I rested near Fort Moonmoth last night.

Perhaps the first one did not attack me by mistake. That made two men
that I had killed. By mid day, four more had been added to the total.
I entered Arkngthand to look for a dwemer coin, and was set upon by
thieves hiding out there. I much prefer haldenshore's thieves trying
to get me to buy them a house than these low lifes. Once I found the
coin, I headed back to Caldera to give Chavis his coin. Now he wants
me to go find some poet, Him'drath in Sadrith Mora. Well, I have been
wanting to go to Sadrith Mora to see what the Telvanni remember of
the Lost. I have traded for about all of any worth to me in and
around Balmora--and have over $26,000 set aside for when I find
"interesting." Hmph, still the merchants treat me like a Nord
dumber than a rock, all the while handing me their gold to buy out
stock. This is a strange land. I do not know how these people ever
defeated our ancestors.

Went to Sadrith Mora. After asking nearly everyone in town, I finally
found Him'drath. At first, she was angry when I criticized her poetry.
But after talking for a while, I managed to persude her to give up
the practice. Her poems are not just weak, they are distressingly
Chavis rewarded me with a Seekers ring of Illusion, and another task.

I have still found no trace of the Lost. Though the Telvanni do seem
to remember differently than the Hlaalu do. Perhaps the truth can be
found by looking at the differences. Perhaps I should look at the
houses, too, to see what they rememeber. In the morning, I will head
to Ald'ruhn.

21 Last Seed, Day 6

Went to Ald'ruhn. As I neared the place, an ash storm came up.
Red sand and grit filled the sky, bringing an early night. Spent
what was left of the day chatting up merchants and delivering
some mail. One mage, Heem La, seemed to recognize my Seekers

finally found news of the Lost. In Ald'ruhn, I found a book--the
Five Songs of King Wulfruth--that mentioned the last battle
where Nerevar defeated the Dwemer. This gives me hope that I am
not the last of the guardians, following some fool's quest.

22 Last Seed, Day 7

The ash storm still raged in the morning. So I took mage guild
transport back to Balmora. Where it was raining heavily. So I
spent the day learning a little alchemy and a little heavy armor

23 Last Seed, Day 8.

Headed back to Pelagiad to deliver a letter to Ambika. Oddly,
I look forward to seeing this mild mannered Khajiit again.

Delivered Aurora's mail. Ambika gave me some ash yam bread
for my trouble, as well as some to deliver to Aurora. Met
another kind Khajiit, Ahnassi.

Rented a room at the Halfway House when darkness fell. Had
to clear out some rats to get to sleep, though. One had
swallowed a family ring. No one seems to know anything about
this ring. Another assassin attacked later in the
night. At least I can sell the armor for good cash.

24 Last Seed, Day 9.

Spent the day traveling and delivering letters for what I
am sure are a group of Twin Lamps operatives. Got lost
on my way to Vivec and ended up spending the night in a
tomb near the Fields of Kummu. Found a nice ebony helm and
many bonewalkers there. By the end of the night, I was
glad I'd had a Bound Axe enchantment on my Steel Axe or
the edge would have been too dull to cut hot candle wax.
Was also glad I had a ring enchanted to restore strength
as one Bonewalker was a Greater Bonewalker, who left me
much weakened.

25 Last Seed, Day 10

Arrived as Suran. Found a Dumner, Telico, who suggested
I join the Investigators. I am unsure why, or why there
are Black Daggers near every town asking about Investigators.
Perhaps I will join, for--like the Seekers--they may have knowledge
that I seek. Knowledge of the Last Days of the Dwemer and
what happened to the Lost Heart.

I almost feel my coming to this island was not accident, but
destiny. For it is our family secret that we are not pure
Nords, and not bound in the normal way to the Lost. But that
we are able to see things others cannot. That the little magic
and little speechcraft affinities that run in our blood have
lifted a veil from our eyes.

So, perhaps I shall join the Investigators. And perhaps I shall
go back to Caius and join the Blades. It is as if I hear the
thrum calling me. Calling me here to Suran, calling me to Balmora,
calling me to this rainy, stormy, island of Morrowind, where nearly
everyone I meet is an elf who hates Nords.

26 Last Seed, Day 11

Under Suran, I found sewers built when Suran was the main
southern port to the island, built before Vivec started his
city to the south. I spent the day roaming around, talking to
the residents. One, Ttam Semek, mentioned that the Overlord
was a vampire who came to the city and its sewers before the
founding of Vivec. Which means he was alive when the Heart of
shor was last seen. The vampire would not talk to me, though.
So I joined his Bloodfang Tong. Perhaps if I work my way up
in the guild, we'll get a chance to talk.

27 Last Seed, Day 12

Spent the day trying to take a shortcut to Vivec to deliver
some mail to Ilmeni Dren. Got lost. Finally staggered into
Pelagiad at nightfall. Spent the night.

28 Last Seed, Day 13

Headed to Haldenshore and Seydya Neen to buy a house for the
thieves guild there. I certainly have enough gold to spare
a few thousand. Not that I expect the venture to pay off.
Except in information. The thieves guild has many ears.

29 Last seed, Day 14

Spent the day exploring Vivec. Found that I was right that
the Twin Lamps would have connections all over the island.
Ilmeni Dren--Dren as in daughter of Duke Dren--seems to be
a leader.

Picked up a nice belt of Armor of the Gods for tracking down
a murderess. Now I am glad I paid to learn a bit of
alchemy and was carrying a few of those dink little
fatigue restoral potions that I learned to make. That tiny
bit of alchemy saved me life. Perhaps great grandfather
was not a wood elf or an Imperial--perhaps great grandfather
was a Breton.

Vivec is large and confusing. I think I have had enough of
trying to find my way around. I plan to leave in the morning.

30 Last Seed, Day 15

Great. Now I have two groups of assassins after me.
Apparently all those Black Daggers asking about the
Investigators are out to completely destroy them.

Freed three more "travelers" from Panat after delivering
some mail to Ambika in Pelagiad. I last saw Telico in
Suran, so I guess I'll go there to look for him.

31 Last Seed, Day 16

Spent the day running back and forth in the region between
vivec and Suran. Not lost this time, but trying to get
a guar, Rollie, to a clothier's. The trader would not
acknowledge when he was at her shop, and the guar just
stood in the field. No matter what I did. finally left
the trader at the shop and the guar in the road and went
on to Suran.

1 Heartfire, Day 17

Telico was still in Suran. He gave me some letters to
give to Rampart. He also keyed me in that the Bar Patrons
are part of a spy network--one I can tap into. Have lost
count of how many Black Daggers have attacked me. Four, so
far, I think. Maybe five. Where do all these guys come
from? Looks like the Investigator's want to clear
Contessa of the ancient charges against her.

Took the boat to Tel Branora. Arrived after dark. Bought
a number of soul gems from Fadaca Selvayn. Took the boat
to Sadrith Mora.

2 Heartfire, Day 18

It has been a long day. Arrived in Sadrith Mora and used
up all three of my levitation potions looking for Chapello.
Went looking for a mage to teach me levitation, then back
to Balmora to have Galbedire enchant me a ring of floating.
Found Gloritz while there. All he wants is contessa's staff.
Right. Then went back to Tel Naga and found Chapella. He
wants Contessa's amulet and ring. sure. Then I went to
Ald-ruhn and, with the help of the Bar Patron, tracked down
Shanane. All he wants is more proof of her innocence. So,
back to Rampart at the six Fishes who sent me to Fort Moonmoth
to talk to Perone. I've done so much magical fast travel
today that my head is still spinning in circles.

I would forget all this Investigator business....except it
deals with the battles against the Nords...and so may help
me in my own...investigations.

3 Heartfire, Day 19

Guilded to Sadrith Mora the took the boat to Vos, by way of
Tel Mora. On arriving Vos, Was immediately attacked by one Quentin
Gram--who did not seem to belong to either of the assassins
guilds hunting me. After much searching, finally found
the Seeker, Romos. While he is south of Vos, he is well
off the road and so somewhat hard to find. He wants the
Staff of Delusion form the Cavern of Gloom. since the cavern
is at the southern tip of the Grazelands, it sounded like it
might be on the way to Brigand's Rest, where I have an errand
from the Bloodfang Tong. So I headed south. Was nearly killed
by a hornet while trying to sneak up on a shalk. Caught vampirism
in the Aralen Ancerstral Tomb, which I decided was not a good
place to spend the night. Fortunately, my restoration skills
have been improving with my frequenct casting of Balyna's
Efficacious Balm. So I managed to cure myself. And, one vampire
had an amulet of Divine Intervention. It is a sign of my weariness
that I nearly considered letting the vampirism fester for a day or
two so I could take advantage of its restorative effects.
Finally spent the night in the Propylon chamber of Falensarno--
which may not have been a much better choice.

4 Heartfire, Day 20

The Cavern of Gloom was difficult to find. The southern tip
of the Grazelands is a nebulous set of directions. But I finally
found it, south of Falensarno, when I turned to read a road
sign. Killing a few kagouti was easy.

I headed south, looking for Uvirith's grave or Galom Dacus.
About halfway to where I thought the grave to be, I ented another tomb,
Gimathrun's Ancestral Tomb, or something like it. More vampires.
And Koffurto Gilgar, who held the Staff of Hasadoki (a better staff
than the staff of Delusion for me, I think).

After much wandering, heading generally southward, I found Galom Dacus.
Being used to vampires by now, I went in. Inside were vampires,
and both Daedric and Glass Boots. Loaded down with nice magical
items and fancy armor I am unlikely to ever use, I decided to use
my ring of Mark to set a spot for recall and to Intervention
to somewhere I could Guild home from. Divine to Pelagiad, Almisivi
to Balmora, drop the boots, 15 vampire ashes and other items I am
unlike to ever use, and rest.

5 Heartfire, Day 21

spent the day training in spear and a little armorer. Rested.

6 Heartfire, Day 22

Time to use that Amulet of Recall that I picked up in Caldera. Back
to the vampires of Galom Dacus.

7 Heartfire, Day 23

Ok, so resting overnight in a tomb in the ashlands south of the
grazelands is not the brightest thing to do. Common cure
disease cures vampirism. By the way, a tomb seems to have an
average of 7 or 8 vampires nesting in it.

8 Heartfire, Day 24

Finally found Brigands Rest. All right, so trying to soul
trap a Guard Durzog is not the brightest thing to do. Neither
is trying it a second time. The place was wasted. Found a bloody
"V" left behind. Wonder who that could have been.

9 Heartfire, Day 25

Spend the day training in heavy armor

10 Heartfire, Day 26

Guess it is time to head to Suran and Vos to make some deliveries.
And try to find somewhere to sell this vampire dust.

Uhng. Vengar didn't recognize I'd done anything. Had to
return to Brigand's REst to further identify the bodies. When
I did, Vengar gave me my choice of glass weapons. A nice glass
war axe--soon to be enchanted to go Daedric on strike--sits in
my backpack.

The Bloodfang now want dirt on the local Lord of Suran. I got
some clues from the sewer rats. But first I want to lighten my
pack of the Staff of Delusion.

11 Heartfire, Day 27

Made my way to Romos and gave him the staff. Now he wants a
book. My jaw dropped as I left and he called me "Guardian of the
Lost". Hmmm. These Seekers may have more stuffing than they
look to. Spent the rest of the day buying and selling around
Vos, Tel Vos and Tel Mora. Then caught a boat to Dagon Fel.

12 Heartfire, Day 28

Arrived Dagon Fel. Found that the clerk at the local pub and
store was a savant. He told me much of the land of this little
island, and marked many locations on my maps.

13 Heartfire, Day 29

Killed Skorvald the Raven and his crew. Found an Orc in an
abandoned tower who could train me in medium armor.

14 Heartfire, Day 30

Trained all day, slept all night. Enjoyed being around Nords.

15 Heartfire, Day 31

Trained some more. Slept some more.

16 Heartfire, Day 32

Found the Ring of Phynaster in the Senim tomb. Getting restless.
Time to move on. At dawn, I Almsivi'd to Ald'ruhn, then guilded
to Balmora so I could have Galbedire enchant the glass war axe
that Vengar had given me with a bound axe spell. Also dropped
of the Mask of Clavius Vile, a Saint's Black Sword, Dwemer
schematics, daerdric dagger and similar items
at the cave near Balmora that I'd found to be a Good Place to Stay.
Recalled back, still at dawn, beneath the dwarven airship floating
outside Dagon Fel. Sally will have to wait. I think I will head
west to check out stories of that wondrous helm near Vas. It's sort
of on the way to Ald Velothi, where I have a book to deliver.

The day went much slower than planned. I've decided to start
building skills at secondary weapons, and so have been fighting
easier opponents like mud crabs with bare hands, bound longbows
and short swords. Which means much swinging and little killing.
And I ended up escorting four more travelers from Habinbari to a safe
house in Ald'ruhn. It was late in the night be the time I recalled
back to Dagon Fel.

17 Heartfirre, Day 33

Finally reached the ruins west of Vas. Found the Helm of Tohan
inside. Nice helm. Caught a Hunger soul in a grand soul gem.
Divined to Gnisis. Escorted 6 travelers to a safehouse. Recalled

Argh, found 40 pillows in a boat near Vas that I'd intended
to deliver in Balmora. Forgot to do it when I was near fast travel.
Now am carrying 40 stupid pillows around.

18 Heartfire, Day 34

Headed to Ald Velothi from Gnisis. Tried to help a lady find a lost
ring, but got attacked for my trouble. Got a nice amulet of Shadows
off one of the attackers, though. Delivered mail in Ald Velothi.
Picked up more for Ebonhardt.

Cast a Mark by the Shrine to the Tribunal in Ald Velothi. Decided
to check out the daedric ruins to the east of the little village.
A group of mages had taken up residence in the ruins. They attacked
me on sight. Killed them and almisivied back to Gnisis to sell off
their clothes and armor. Left the 40 pillows there, recalled to
Ald Velothi, and returned to make my way down deeper into the
shrine. The way down into the sunken vaults was treacherous,
calling for balance and jumping skills. As I neared the bottom,
I was attacked again, by a mage dressed in ebony armor. I did not
recognize the spells he threw, but did recognize the Bonewalker
he cast. I waited until the Bonewalker disolved, then decided
to bet my admantium armor and bound axe against his ebony armor
and daedric axe. And, of course, my skills against his. After
the battle, I gathered up his armor and almsivied back to Gnisis.
Therein followed a somewhat boring time of shuttling the ebony
armor and 40 pillows back to Balmora.

19 Heartfire, Day 35

Tracked down the murderer of Ralen Hlaalo. Took care of the
Camona Tong problem for Lazario. Got a nice ring of
Surroundings that complements my amulet of Shadows. Trained a
little in sneak. Could not get Drayna to acknowledge the pillows
and the invoice. she only wanted to talk about the cave rats
infesting her house. finally killed the rats for her. She
still would not acknowledge the water logged pillows. Left them
on her doorstep.

20 Heartfire, Day 36.

Went to Ebonhardt to give Im-Kilaya his mail. Also bet with
Holden the Jester until he gave up the book Romos wanted. While
at the six Fishes, I overheard the rumor of the lost Lord's Mail.
Spend the morning tracking down information. Finally, rufinus let
slip about the caves. Found the Lords' Mail, some nice glass
pieces and a Pilgrim's Lantern. Maybe now my torch bill will
be lower. Also got in some axe practice; the fight was too
intense to practice my short sword or boxing. I've gotten used
to Sally's sword when the dark closes in. I must get to Kuul
soon to try to track her.

Went to Haldenshore to see how my "investment" in the house was
doing. Zerdon gave me 6 gold for the month plus profits on
the place. Hmm, 5000 gold at 6 gold/month..... Well, I did
the buy for information, not gold.

Also bought an Orcish parrying bracier from Horgoth gro-Zartock.

By then, it was getting dark. Went to Seyda need and read a
few books. Decided to take a few back "home" to a Good Place
to Stay. I am an idiot for lugging so much around.

Things to do:
1. Seekers: go back to Romos.
2. Twin Lamps: guide more travelers
3. Investigators: find Ontareia in Molag Mar (sp)
4. Bloodfang Tong: investigate Lord of Suran and Kinvalet
5. Broken Glass: seek Sally in Kuul

21 Heartfire, Day 37

Ontariea was in Molag Mar. Had to search whole city to find her.
She suggested looking in contessa's family tomb for news of her
ancestors. Spent the night in an ash storm walking in circles
near Telasera. Finally found the tomb and a lead on two of
Contessa's heirs. The ashlands are dark indeed during the
storms. Got to appreciate my meager night eye skills, the
Pilgrim's lantern and Sally's short sword.

Got short sword and boxing skills up from abyssimal to poor
by practicing on mud crabs and cliff racers.

22 Heartfire, Day 38

Found 5 more travelers in Minabi as I headed back towards
Suran. Ended up taking them to a safehouse in Pelegiad.
It was well after dark when we arrived. At least the
dark skies were free from ash.

23 Heartfire, Day 39

Dropped off the glass boots and cuirass that Black Dagger
Scout north of Molag Mar was wearing at Galbedir's. The
local Bar Patron couldn't tell me anything about Pantassa
or Telassa. Returned to Molag Mar by silt Strider to ask
Ontareia. She did not know either. Took boats to Vos.

24 Heartfire, Day 40

Romos wants a code ring. After some investigation, I got
a clue that either Heem-La or Chaz might have one. I
searched near and on them both, but found nothing. However,
I am not very good at thieving skills. Decided to have
Galbedir make a nice detect enchantment ring in case that
might help me. One Hunger soul and 30,000+ gold later, I
had the ring. Had to trade most of the glass, daedric and
other expensive items I have found to recover the gold I'd
paid for the enchantment. Even with interventions and mage
guild travel, that simple search took all day.

25 Heartfire, Day 41

Decided to train in sneak to see if that helps. Returned to
Heem-La, then Chaz. Still could find nothing. maybe this
sneaking and stealing stuff is out of the reach of a simple
Nord warrior.

Things to do:
1. Seekers: Find ring from Heem La or Chaz
2. Twin Lamps: guide more travelers
3. Investigators: find Pantassa and Telassa
4. Bloodfang Tong: Investigate Lord of Suran and Kinvalet
5. Broken glass: Seek Sally in Kuul

Left Ebonheart by foot, headed for Khuul. Managed to
sneak up on a Saber Toothed Tiger and cast soultrap on it
before it saw me. Managed to kill it before it killed me.
Now I have a fine purple soul gem filled with a Tiger soul.
I'll need to make something special with this one.

Stopped in Haldenshore. Got 111 gold from Zerdon. Maybe
I'll get my 5000 gold back in less than 10 years. Zerdon
jollied me into joining the theives guild. Some stealthy
skills are sorely lacking in my person, and I'm hoping
to build them. He wants me to go get Sugar Lips permission
for the guild house to operate.

Decided to follow that treasure map I found on arriving
and so sought out Orlakk's tomb. Many skeletons, including
powerful named ones. Manged to trap Kaldorn's soul in a grand
soul gem. But no others....I was too busy fighting for my
life. Found some nice magical items that Orlakk had. I'm
sure there are more there, however. I felt like I was on
an easter egg hunt on spring day in Skyrim, looking for keys
and magic. Maybe I will have a better detect key ring made?
Maybe a longer detect enchantment?

Divined to Pelagiad. Sold some stuff, bought some stuff--
including healing potions. Alsmisivied to Balmora as dawn
filled the sky.

26 Heartfire, Day 42

Used the Tiger's soul to have my Orcish Parrying Bracier
enchanted with a long lasting light spell. Used Kaldorn's
soul to have a longer lasting ring of key detection made.

Sugar Lips Habissi wanted a guards Sword of White woe in
exchange for giving up the coastal villages. Got spotted
stealing it, despite using my Amulet of Shadows and Ring
of Surrounding. Managed to Alsmivi away with the sword
and rush back to the thieves guild to get the price
taken off my head. Let's see, 5000 gold for the house plus
8500 gold for the sword less 111+6 gold return on investment.
Maybe Nords do have rocks for brains. Habissi also wanted
a diamond. I bought her seemed easier than
stealing it.

Made a bunch more healing potions, this time with my
intellect boosted with a few potions. Bought some stronger
healing potions, too.

Followed the Odai river to the coast.

27 Heartfire, Day 43

In Hla Oad, I was offered the chance to deliver a slave,
Rabinna, to Balmora where she would be cut open to retrieve
some moonsugar packs she'd been forced to eat. Somehow,
she ended up at the Argonian mission instead. The slave
master in Hla Oad was so upset about this, that he attacked
me viciously. I did not even bother to sell his clothes.

Got a lead a few days ago that I might find the Contessa
heirs in Tel Mora and Tel Arune. Spent the day traveling
by boat to Tel Mora.

28 Heartfire, Day 44

Decided I needed better sneaking skills. Spent the day
at the Covenant, training.

29 Heartfire, Day 45

Found Telassa, bought her ring. Went to Tel Arune.
Bought and freed 6 or 7 slaves. Was given the password
for the Twin Lamps. Found Pantassa, but he gets angry
if I bring up the Contessa. Tried to pick pocket him
for it, but found nothing. I am lousy at thieving.

30 Heartfire, Day 46

Took boats to Kuuhl. Sally had come and gone. Found her
belt. Sounds like she's gone to Suran. Decided to go
bandit hunting in a nearby cave. Almisivied and Recalled
to sell stuff in Gnisis. Left ebony boots at the silt
striders. Eventually strided to Balmora where I left the
boots at Galbedir's. Recalled and took the boat to Gnar

31 Heartfire, Day 47

In Gnar Mok, I found the Camona Tong that had been
threatening Annassi. They will threaten her no more.

Almisivied to Balmora. Decided to try to get the
dwemer artifacts Sugar Lips wanted from the dwarven
ruins near Fort Moonmoth. Found the bowl and a choice
of goblets easily. Lucked out and found a tube in a
chest. Habisi was pleased, but had an urgent
job for me helping out a friend of hers from Havish.

Was attacked by a Hlaalu guard. Did not get into
trouble for killing him. No other guards are attacking
me. Perhaps it was the guard who owned White Woe?

Things to do:
1. Seekers: Find secret decoder ring from Heem La or Chaz
2. Twin Lamps: guide more travelers
3. Investigators: get Pantassa to give amulet
4. Bloodfang Tong: Investigate Lord of Suran and Kinvalet
5. Broken glass: Seek Sally in Suran
6. Thieves guild
Zerdon: tell him Habisi agreed
Habissi: Vintage brandy, help Artemis

1 Frostfall, Day 48

Got the brandy and gave it to Habissi. Now she wants
me to help get New Shoes out of prison. Also found
J'Rashirr. I thought I was sweet talking him well, but
as soon as I brought up Artemus, he attacked me.
There seems to be more going on than a stolen sword.
Speaking of stolen swords, another Hlaalu guard
jumped me. I am getting leery of entering armor shops.

Plan to head to Suran, then Havish via Gnar Mok. But
when do things go as I plan?

Managed to soul trap a lion, plague bear and rift bee--
whatever that is--and to kill them with Sally's little
short sword. Also killed a number of other wasps,
nix hounds as I headed to Suran. Entered a cave
called Hall of Glass and was attacked by the same
sort of outlaws that seem to be chasing Sally. Got
loaded down with glass, so Divined to Pelagiad where
I freed New Shoes and sold miscellanious stuff.
Alsmivied home to Balmora to drop of the glass, then
recalled to that cave of glass.

2 Frostfall, Day 49

Arrived in Suran at midnight. Despite the darkness
of the moonless, cloudy night, I headed North along
the river, seeking Kinvalet. Somehow, I managed to
stumble across it. Nearly got killed inside, despite
my skill with an axe and many healing potions. War
Durzhogs, hidden archers and tough opposition guarded
the Lord of Suran's drug operation. But I did survive.

Made my way to Bal Ur. Molag Bal wouldn't talk to me,
though I could feel the presence of the god/power. soul
trapped a golden saint, but got no equipment off her as
she fell into a lava pool and vanished. Waited for
dawn and made my way back to Suran.

Was attacked by another Hlaalu guard. It's getting

The Bloodfang Tong were pleased for my help in
their negotiations. Now they want me to attack a ship
that helps free slaves. Since freeing slaves is
something of a side line of mine, resolving this
quest should be interesting.

Took the strider to Seyda Neen and went to see Zerdon.
Have another 114 gold to measure against my 13,500
expended. Got a rush job to go help someone sneak out
of castle Ebonheart. It was harder than it sounds....
ended up levitating over the guards, leading them

Joined the twin lamps.

3 Frostfall, Day 50

Returned to Balmora to have Galbedir enchant the
Helm of Tohan with night eye and restore fatique.

Things to do:
1. 1. Seekers: Find secret decoder ring from Heem La or Chaz
2. Twin Lamps:
Dren-letter to ebonheart,
Dren-report Gentleman Jim's help
3. Investigators: get Pantassa to give amulet, prison break
4. Bloodfang Tong: Deal with Free Spirit
5. Broken glass: Seek Sally iby way of Vos
6. Thieves guild
Zerdon: 26th sermon of Vivec, Fat Leg's
Shrunken shine of Boethiah (nonguild clue)
Habissi: find Artemis in Havish (Gnar Mok boat)
Gentleman Jim- stone fire men (do I want to?)

Stopped by Orlakk's Tomb again. Found a ring of lightning
bolts and a pewter key I'd missed before. There I more magic
there, but I cannot find it. Picked up the 26the lesson
and gave it to zerton. Now he wants another book from a
tomb west of Seyda Neen. Went down to second level of
the Thelys tomb. Never have I been in such fights! Liches,
bonewalkers, skeletons of many kinds....all powerful. It
was good to just stop thinking and swing my axe again.

4 Frostfall, Day 51

Fetch this book. fetch that book. Deliver this flower.
Zerdon's getting tiresome. His cell keys can wait. I'm
heading for Gnar Mok.

Decided to try to find the sunken shrine of Boethiah while
in the area. The Lost was last seen near the demise of
Nerevar--who was said to be a child of Boethiah.

5 Frostfall, Day 52

Finally found Boethiah's shrine. He/she wants a new one
built. So I am off to Caldera. I am never going to get
to Havish at this rate.

Ran many errands in and around Vivec, including getting
the book Duma needs to start building the new shrine to
Boethiah and getting support of the mages guild. Ilmeni
certainly does think on a large scale. Not so large as
the Guardians of the Lost. But that is perhaps because
she does not understand the Lost, nor its threat and glory.

Things to do:
1. 1. Seekers: Find secret decoder ring from Heem La or Chaz
2. Twin Lamps:
Dren-get Imperial Legion support
Im Kilaya-help argonian near Erb camp
3. Investigators: get Pantassa to give amulet, prison break
4. Bloodfang Tong: Deal with Free Spirit
5. Broken glass: Seek Sally iby way of Vos
6. Thieves guild
Zerdon: cell keys (redoran, hlaalu, telvanni)
Habissi: find Artemis in Havish (Gnar Mok boat)
Gentleman Jim- stone fire men (do I want to?)

6 Frostfall, Day 53

Arrived Havish around 4 in the afternoon. Finally.

Found the bank. There was a house for sale. Bought the
estate site unseen. Havish looks to be a large town, and I
expect to be here for a while. Transportation to and from
the mainland is slow. Agreed to help Valeria enhance the
anchors for her teleportation chamber. It's getting dark
and I have yet to find either my house or Artemis.

Found house, lightened load by dumping some extra soul
gems, torches, and the like that I've been carrying.
Met the house ghosts--Marvius Tecus--when I tried to sleep
until dawn. Guess I will try to find his skull so he can
rest in peace. Or at least so I can rest in peace. I do
not sleep much anymore. Instead, I use magic and potions
to restore my vigor. No one seems to sleep much. Though,
in Havish, people still take note of night and day.

7 Frostfall, Day 54

There are many many houses in Havish. Went to nearly
every one of them before finding Artemis. Rained all
morning. Decided to head out to the lighthouse to look
for Marvius' skull. Could see it from the shore. The
sea was only slightly wetter than the land. Took skull
to the temple. Marvius was glad to be at peace. He
gave me the key to his secret chamber. Finding the
chamber reminded me of seeking keys and magic items in
Orlakk's tomb.

Got tired of the rain. Had Valeria send me to Balmora.
Where it was raining. Had the forsight to cast a Mark
at Valeria's first. Took the strider to Suran, where I
released the first crystal seed.

8 Frostfall, Day 55

Took the strider to Molag Mar, where an ash storm was
raging. Took boats around to Vos. Left the second
crystal seed dancing it's search in Tel Vos. In Vos,
found Soth Kut, Sally's friend. He took me to Broken

9 Frostfall, Day 56

And I had thought one floating dwemer skyship was
impressive! After my first fight, I thought to dig
the Ring of Phynaster out of my pack. I found
Sally, still alive and nowhere near the thief I'd
thought she was. I'd planned to wait to see the
dwemer ships by daylight. But I could not get
out of the headquarters, not even with the interventions.
Had I not set a Mark before entering, I might have
been trapped forever. Had to Recall back to Havish
to get out. Picked up a nice ebony scimitar on the

Returned to Balmora and was attacked by three Hlaalu
guards. Guilded to Sadrith Mora and took a boat for
Dagon Fel.

10 Frostfall, Day 57

Delivered the third crystal seed at Dagon Fel. Enjoyed
the cool, clear night air that reminded me of Skyrim.
Took the boat to Khuul, the the strider to Gnisis. Released
the last crystal seed. Recalled to Valeria. I also
got the Vivec mage guild to agree to build a teleportation
chamber. This should improve fast travel around the
island, as well as give me a fast way back to Havish....
should I ever wish to come here again.

11 Frostfall, Day 58

Working on getting the Imperial Legion and Imperial Cult
to join Twin Lamps freedom movement. Talked Free Spirit
into leaving and making name change to protect them.
Ended up in Pelagiad, running some scum through for
Ambika. Thought to ask about ranks; got promoted to
Lightbearer. It is raining everywhere I go, land or sea.

Got support of the Imperial Legion, Imperial Cult and
Fighters Guild. Now Ilmeni wants the support of the
Morag Tong.

And all Eno Hlaalu wants is Mehrune's Razor. It is starting
to look like it would be easier to personally free every
slave on this island. Mehrunes Dagon has a razor. Fine.
Any idea where?

Back to Suran via the teleportation chamber of the
Vivec mages guild. The Tong was happy with my report
that the Free Spirit would not sail again. Now they want
me to seek a courier and a ring, Aktheron. I hope it is
not raining in Dagon Fel.

Found the thuggi. And was shaken to my core. I was
set upon first by a few undead, including a Lich. But When
I found the secret way deeper into the tomb, I was paralyzed
and attacked by three warriors who pounded my adamantium
armor until it fell away in shards. When the paralysis
finally wore off and I could fight, it took a very long
time indeed. More of my armor fell away. By the end of the
fight, my helm and one bracier were all that dangled on my
body. Never was I so glad of the enchantment I had on my
war axe that recast bound daedric axes--with newly sharpened
blades. Never again will I think that carrying 34 quality
healing potions (plus dozens of my own lesser potions) is
too many. Or that half a dozen armors tongs are enough. I
have faced death today, and it has chilled me through and
frozen my Nord's heart. To not be able to trust my
adamantium armor and trusty axe to get me you of anything is,
well, unsettling. If the Ring of Phynaster helped at all, it
was not noticable in the bloodbath.

12 Frostfall, Day 59

The Overlord himself gave me a mission. I do not mind
killing Camona Tong. Not at all. The ones in Pelagiad did,
however, have adamantium weapons. Thankfully not enchanted
with powerful paralyze spells.

Bought more healing potions from Ambika. Almisivied to
Balmora and sat down to consider next move.

Things to do:
1. Seekers: Find secret decoder ring from Heem La or Chaz
(I keep trying, but no luck there)
2. Twin Lamps:
Dren-get Morag Tong support (Mehrunes Razor)
Im Kilaya-help argonian near Erb camp
Ambika-get promoted first
3. Investigators: get Pantassa to give amulet, prison break
(no joy here either)
4. Bloodfang Tong: Overlord-deal with Camona Tong in Pelegiad (done)
5.Thieves guild
Zerdon: cell keys (redoran, hlaalu, telvanni)
Gentleman Jim- stone fire men (do I want to?)

Returned to the Morag Tong to try to find out more about
Mehrunes Razor. Found out nothing useful there. Did a favor
for Mephala and was give the Ring of Khajiit in return. She / he
would not talk to me about the Lost, though. Still don't know what
to do next.

Went down into the sewers to kill rats. Found Sheogorath's shrine.
He wants the Fork of Horripilation and kill a netch with it.

13 Frostfall, Day 60

While looking for the Fork, I found the shrine of Malacath, near
the Sanctus shrine. He has offered me the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw if
I kill the last of the liers bloodline. Suddenly the daedra are
coming out of thewoodwork. Or, at least speaking out in their shrines.
Perhaps Mehrunes Razor is something Mehrunes would tell me about. If
I knew where his shrine was. Captured the second golden saint near
the shrine of Malacath. Trying to decide what to make with it.

Found Ald Reydanya, but no trace of the hermit, so far. Set a mark,
then Divined to Gnisis and strided back to Balmora. I need my
second constant effect enchantment. Or, I want it, anyway. I want
an Exquisite Shirt of Bound Cuirass, Boots and Shield. Something
nearly immune to battle damage.

Rowella, Nord, Guardian of the Lost, sign of the Warrior

Level 27
Strength: 99
Intellect: 53
Willpower: 53
Agility: 66
Speed: 75
Endurance: 99
Personality: 67
Luck 65
Major skills
Axe: 100
Restoration: 56
Medium Armor: 100
Speechcraft: 80
Security: 44
Minor skills
Marksman: 30
Althletics: 44
Enchant: 31

Reputation: 7

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May 25, 2005 2:34:27 PM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

How in the hell could you afford Adamantium armor on your third game day?
May 25, 2005 6:45:30 PM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

Two things help with buying Adamantium quickly. I got attacked by
the Dark Brotherhood several times very early in the game (this
varies greatly game to game)--selling their stuff nets a few thousand
per kill.

Mostly, I bribe/admire/buy/sell a LOT with most characters I play. By
day 3, I can buy and sell stuff from most merchants in Seyda Neen,
Pelegiad and Balmora and make a profit. If I'm playing a Bosmer
speechcraft/personality enhanced (say sign of the Lady), then I can
do this from the beginning of the game.

So, sell the armor for some starting cash, buy a bunch of inventory
from a merchant, then sell it back to them for what you paid plus
a chunk of their daily cash. Go next door and repeat with the
next merchant. Get enough to go buy the adamantium. In Caldera,
the smith has several replenshing sets of adamantium boots, which
you can buy and sell repeatedly to help pay for the rest.

Is this a little cheesy? Perhaps. But it fits the characters I
like to play, the style (talker more than fighter), and I enjoy it.
Your milage may vary.
Related resources
May 26, 2005 12:45:56 AM

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On Wed, 25 May 2005 10:34:27 GMT, "J. W. McCall"
<> wrote:

>How in the hell could you afford Adamantium armor on your third game day?

Trading in Mentor's Ring should do it nicely...
May 26, 2005 12:45:57 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

On that special day, Greg Johnson, ( said...

> On Wed, 25 May 2005 10:34:27 GMT, "J. W. McCall"
> <> wrote:
> >How in the hell could you afford Adamantium armor on your third game day?
> Trading in Mentor's Ring should do it nicely...

Which reminds me, how I did manage the assassins. My dark elf isn't
that strong, and first couldn't cope with them, but one night (at level
five) he slept outside a small village, where rocks were on the ground.
When he was wakened by an assassain, he moved away, and the villain
couldn't follow. He was stuck with one foot between the rocks, and
helplessly rotating around it.

I positioned my character at a convienient spot, and pelted the
assassain with a bow until he dropped dead. Then I looted the body and
put all the armour on. It was very good for its light weight. From then
on, my character was walking around like a shadow, but strangely, the
NPCs didn't mind his weird appearance.

With this armour, further assassain attacks were no problem, especially
after having found a steel sword with a poison enchantment.

Gabriele Neukam

Ah, Information. A property, too valuable these days, to give it away,
just so, at no cost.
May 26, 2005 12:45:57 AM

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Greg Johnson wrote:
> On Wed, 25 May 2005 10:34:27 GMT, "J. W. McCall"
> <> wrote:
>>How in the hell could you afford Adamantium armor on your third game day?
> Trading in Mentor's Ring should do it nicely...

Plus selling all the Dark Brotherhood armor. One of my characters
killed his first assassins at first level and sold the spare armor for a
very good chunk of change. As I was trying to play a D&D style mage at
the time he didn't bother buying adamantium armor.
Plus there is a way to get a Daedric weapon as a reward in your first
couple of days by finding a "lost" mine and going to the right person
for the reward.
May 26, 2005 12:45:58 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

25.05.05, Gabriele Neukam (

>I positioned my character at a convienient spot, and pelted the
>assassain with a bow until he dropped dead. Then I looted the body and
>put all the armour on. It was very good for its light weight. From then
>on, my character was walking around like a shadow, but strangely, the
>NPCs didn't mind his weird appearance.

>With this armour, further assassain attacks were no problem, especially
>after having found a steel sword with a poison enchantment.

I always found the DB-armor too cheesy; true you have to beat one of
them first, but it's doable and then you run around with 10000 drakes
worth in armor at level 1 or 2...

So I made a mod that delays the attacks till level 3 and gives
them just dark clothes/leather armor before about level 20...
(The guys in mournhold kept their armor, though.)

May 26, 2005 10:08:03 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

On Wed, 25 May 2005 20:45:56 +1000, Greg Johnson <>

>On Wed, 25 May 2005 10:34:27 GMT, "J. W. McCall"
><> wrote:
>>How in the hell could you afford Adamantium armor on your third game day?
>Trading in Mentor's Ring should do it nicely...

I've played and won the game at least 5-6 times but don't remember the
Mentor's ring...
May 26, 2005 1:43:39 PM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

I've played the game many ways. Not using any magic
except in-game enchanted items, using the alchemy
fortify intellect potions up the wazoo, sneaking around
to get "good" items I happened to know where relatively
easy to obtain, defining a focused character and then
role playing in character, selling to Creeper, using
drain intellect enchantments to restore you magicka,
doing everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) the slow
and tedious way, etc., etc. About the only way I haven't
played is true Iron Man. Rowella is nearly Iron Man in
that I have only restarted from an earlier save once (other
than normal stopping-and-restarting play sessions and
recovering from crash-to-desktop), when an early lion
encounter killed her. Some games I save and reload
when getting unfavorable outcomes (as in failing to steal
that Sword of White Woe). Boy is Rowella getting tired
of Hlaalu guards attacking her on sight.
Chatting up everyon is the way I'm
playing lately. The biggest advantage is not the early cash.
It is that--as your personality and speechcraft rise--it is
much easier to get a wide range of response options from
the NPCs in the game. Money comes easily in so many
ways in MW. And if you only spend money on what you
need most and use most, then you don't "need" much
cash in the game. Hmm....maybe I should try Necessitities
of Morrowind again; ltet tedium reign!

BTW, to play "iron man" and "chatter-upper", spend gold
chatting with guards. Even if you think you don't have enough
gold to do this, spend it anyway. Spend spend spend. Let
gold flow from your hands like water until you are nearly broke.
You will not be nearly broke for very long. If you haven't tried
this type of character before, pick the Lady for a starting sign.
May 26, 2005 3:08:29 PM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

> Is this a little cheesy? Perhaps. But it fits the characters I
> like to play, the style (talker more than fighter), and I enjoy it.
> Your milage may vary.

Buying something and selling it directly back to them for more is more
than a little cheesy. More like an exploit. By "talker", do you mean