Optimal graphics settings for performance/qaulity balance

ok now this seems a bit stupid I guess, but I have a 7900GT and an E6300. At the moment I'm playing my games with 4 AA but on a 1024*768 resolution and with other advance filters/shaders disabled.

So I'm wondering how does everyone set there games qaulity/performance up? Get the resolution high, then textures, then if theres any juice left go for some AA?

For some reason the 7900gt on oblivion appeared as medium quality for oblivion but a 256MB x1800XT appeared ultra high? The performance is pretty much equal, although I miss the X1800XT's advantage over AA.

Anyway to get the best visuals while keeping the FPS averaging around 30-50+ whats the best way to do it or is it just preferance.

Noobish post yes... but on oblivion I can't even seem to find ANY difference when having the specular distance maximum or minimum. Nor can I see what bloom or HDR does? Do people find HDR nicer than AA?

blah... opinions :D ?
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  1. I've noticed a big performance killer to be shadow effects. If you turn down shadows (which sucks) you get a nice bump, esp. in games like NFS Most Wanted, Oblivion, Titan Quest, FEAR...

    Tweak those a bit and see what happens. You gotta remember that Oblivion brings any system to its knees. It's not your video card, it's the program. A few hundred patches should fix it :)

    I've also noticed that with newer cards (even my older 6800GS, AA is never a real big issue)

    Just my two cents
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