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hey guys, going to be putting a sitck of 512mb , pc 3200 memory in my computer and im looking at newegg for some selections. Is it just me or has system memory gotten a little more expensive? anyway i looking at this stick of 512mb thats on newegg for $49. Heres the link:

its has 58 reiviews to it buy the way to

Ive only bought corsiar, and crusial memory, and want to make sure this is a reliable memory that work. I should mention that i already have 2 sticks of 512mb corsiar value ram in with a 2.5 cat latency. HOpefully this ram want have any issues working with the one in the link. I dont overclock its just mainly for more ram in my computer to help with games.
If you dont think thats a good memory , what are some other dependable memroy. the only ones i know of really from expecrience is:

kinkston(something like that)

thanks guys
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  1. I have always read patriot do fairly good memory, not as good as corsair or kingston but it is ok to go on with it. make sure ur mobo won't mind using three slots as some mobos do and they become unstable.
  2. im almost positive my mobo will be fine with it. , i had 3 sticks of memory in my mobo at once and i never ran into a problem i think. what was amazing is that i even had 3 sticks from 3 diff manufactures, and one of them was a 256mb , pc 2700 single sides ram to, and it still worked. Mind you i had to enable something in my bios called 2T timings, but just to be safe shouldi check the manufactures website for the memory and look it up, or/and give me mobo a email and ask them about it. Dosnt some mobo when you put in 3 sticks of memory it causes a bottleneck and bring the memory speeds down. lIke if i have 3 sticks of pc3200 ram in my computer one in each slot it will bring my memory down to pc 3200? I have a gigabyte socket 754 board ga-kans and it had great reviews for reliabilty. so, will it bottlenect and bring my speeds down? Is there much diff in pc 3200 ram, and pc 2700 when it comes to game play? thanks guys, and gals if any reply to this.
  3. That looks like pretty decent memory in your link. Sure it's not the top brand, but it IS a top model from Patriot, while your Corsair Value Select isn't really "Corsair" in that they just contract out their "Value Select" line to the cheapest bidder (that's why the Value Select line has so many RMA problems). So, I would say that brandwise it is better than what you have, and timing-wise it is better than what you have. When have all your memory installed, it will run at the speed of the slowest memory in there. Also, if your board supports dual channel mode, that likely won't work unless you have matched pairs (pretty much always identical modules).
    However, the boost in available memory, if used by programs, will be bigger than relatively minor timing issues. I don't think you mentioned the speeds and sizes of the 2 DIMMs you already have, but if you only have 512MB total right now, moving to 1GB should make a big difference.
  4. Correct me if im wrong but...

    Its okay to use Different manufacture for the RAM. Just dont mix up the speeds. Your RAM will run at the lowest speed for all your RAM. So it defeats the purpose.

    I am not sure if your board supports Dual- Channel mode, but if you put in 3 stick of RAM you will no longer be in Dual - Channel mode. You have to make it Divisible by 2.
  5. oh yeah , i guess i need to be more pacific on my mobo and stuff, lol. Im on socket 754 still, so dual channel is not a option untill i go to 939. Thanks for all the advise to guys. i have a socket 754 GA-Kans board.
    right now i have 2 sticks of corsair pc 3200 512mb ram in, and a not so great one sided 256 mb, pc2700 ram in equalling 1280mb ram. I want o get rid of the pc 2700 ram since like you said its bringing everything down to pc 2700. Only reason im on socket 754 is beause the prossesors are cheaper, and it lets me still get cpu upgrades that are cheaper. Since, i dont have to spend as much on prossesors i can put more of my money in on the video card since it was really matters the most when it comes to games. IM switching to a socket 754 , pci express board soon, since the agp card are getting way more expensive then their agp counterparts. Right now i have atlon 64 3400, and a geforce 6800 gt. overclock version. I cant believe the pci express version is like 75 mgz faster then the agp card. why do they do that?
  6. if you are looking at regular ddr then yes it has gone up in price as ddr2 is out now and all cpu manufacturers are switching to ddr2.i noticed the same thing where i buy my parts.just one of those things i guess.good luck.most value ram is just fine.however it usually does not overclock very well,so if you are going to overclock with it,then you should buy some ram like corsair or even kingston.i will say that 2 matched 1 gig sticks of samsung work very well for dual channel and over clocking.


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