Windows 7 WMC HDTV tuner card encrypted basic cable support

Has anyone figured out a patch or work around for encrypted basic cable ( that I pay for plus other stb's ) that works with a HDTV tuner card. I have a Hauppaug 1800 digital/analog PVR through WMC that has become useless since Comcast went all digital. LOL I live in an area between D.C. and Richmond Va. Get the irony in this, I am less than a mile ( as the crow flies ) from Comcasts antennas/dishes and a quarter mile from our state police communications tower. So it is imposable to get a single over the air channel with a great antenna and amp.
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  1. No, not that I have been able to find. I am lucky that Suddenlink has no plans to shut down the analog channels on basic cable.
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