conroe or amd64

read before you answer please

i actually have a system based on s939

A8N-SLI ( non-deluxe )
Athlon64 3700+ s939 oced @ 2.93 ghz
2bg platinum EB ram pc-4000 3-3-2-8 OCZ5002048EBPE-K @ 266mhz
total cost of upgrade with a 3800x2 or 4200x2 will be the cpu cost

conroe will cost me the new cpu
a new motherboard
ddr2 ram

assuming i will overclock it, which cpu should i chose to get a decent upgrade

195 cdn $ for a 3800+

260 cdn $ for the E6300
+85 cdn $ for the cheapest mobo (but i wouldn't take the cheapest)
+110 cdn $ / Gb of ram pc4200 ... x2
total of 560$

by how much % will the conroe be better with bad mobo and bad ram
compared to the a64 with an average mobo and the best of ddr ram
once overclocked ( sync for A64 and async for the Conroe )
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  1. Quote:

    Cost in mind, I would go the 3800+ route as you save a great deal on Mobo etc. expense.

    i second that get the x2 3800+ :D

    although i would if you had the cash get the core 2 duo but seeing as you dont well get the x2 3800+ and overclock it loads, bear in mind a 3ghz x2 3800+ cannot beat a core 2 duo e6300 overclocked to around 2.4-2.6 ghz. so what? what if you get the core 2 duo and bad ram you cant overclock to high so its pointless speculating what speed your gonna get you might be able to reach these speeds with el cheapo ram but you might not. get the x2, a good watercooling system and then overclock, get a GL :D
  2. Just get an X2 3800+ and overclock the nuts off it, something you clearly know well how to do already.
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