Windows 7 will not start from HDD or Boot disk

There is a lot of info that needs to be shared here so I will try to make it as understandable as possible. I built a system, installed windows 7 and all was well for about 2 months.

01May I replaced the hard drive and re-installed W7 on the new HD. Spent a couple hrs on phone w. MS to get them to reactivate my key. Once installed and activated W7 did the updates I expected it to. But eventually, it gave me error messages on some updates, which I ignored. Over the next 3 days, things would run fine, but the "shutdown" button on the start menu would always tell me it had updates. Each time I shutdown, it would say "Installing 1 of 3 updates". I would restart the comp and get the same update indicator. Eventually I ignored it.

Yesterday, 21May, I decided to restart, since it hadn't been done in awhile. It shutdown fine, but when it got to the "starting windows" screen where the colored dots fly in to make the windows logo, it froze w. the red and yellow dots in mid flight. I never saw the other dots, the logo, or anything there after.

I did a hard shutdown, tried to restart, and got a choice to run window repair (recommended) or start normal. "Start normal" freezes at the above mentioned screen w. the dots. The repair option loads files and then freezes at a black screen w. "Microsoft Corporation" and a progress indicator bar that never progresses.

I eventually got the comp to boot from the W7 disc and reinstalled W7. Process was smooth, everything was running well. Or so I thought. This system has never woken up from sleep mode, so in the past, I have disabled the function. Last night, I forgot to. Woke up this morning and the comp was asleep. As usual, it would not respond so I had to do a hard shutdown. I now have the same freezing issue I described earlier.

Thinking I could just reload W7 again, I booted from the disk. This time it froze at the same screen w. the red and yellow dots and wouldn't progress. It won't let me have the option of reinstalling. Thinking that it might be the HD, I put in the old HD, which I had wiped clean, and it froze at the 2 dots.
I put the disc into another comp and it spun up just fine, w.o freezing, so its not the disc.

Summary: Comp freezes at the 2 dot screen on the old HD which is clean, on the new HD, from the boot disc of W7, and from a burned copy of the W7 ISO boot file. Whether I boot from the HD or the discs, I freeze at the 2 dot screen when trying to start W7 normally. When I try to repair, it freezes after loading files. It also freezes while trying to boot in safe mode and from the "last known good config."

Microsoft says I probably need to update my Mobo Bios, but I don't know how to do it w.o being in W7.

Mobo: Biostar A880GU3
CPU: AMD Phenom II 965
GPU: ATI HD 5770
PSU: Corsair 750w
RAM: 4GB (2x2) DDR 3
HDD: WD 320gb
OS: Win 7 Pro 64bit

Thanks for takin a look. I would appreciate any advice.
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  1. As a last ditch effort, I pulled out the Mobo battery for about 10 min, put everything back together and restarted. All seems to be running fine now.

    Any idea what could have caused this and how I can prevent it from happening again?
  2. it could be bad RAM
  3. i had same glitch what i did was turn it off then unplug from back and plug back in the psu, it supose to fix any bios/hardware boot issues

    also open up pc and uplug all cables to your HDD and CD-ROM and clean them and plug back in

    this also can fix it
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