MY GPU is going mad when exiting a game :(

Ok first off i'll give u the info:

Gigabyte dq6 (hacked drivers and 3inch SLI bridge for SLI which im not using yet as i haev this problem)
core duo 6700
geforce 7900gt gainward golden sample 512mb
1 gb corsair 800mhz ram.
10,000rpm 16mb cahce wd raptor.

Using the drivers that came with it (around march time they were released) but i have also tried all the latest ones and nothing :( The drivers that came with it seem to work best with fps tho.


When exiting some games my res keeps reseting and doesn't stop till i restart (like the screen constantly flashes on an off as if ur changing the res) and i get a few corrupt colours when in the game too. I also get like a multi coloured effect of when a tv has no signal kinda thing.

I notice it first when in the game and i see some multicoloured parts around, then i come out of the game and my desktop and monitor goes crazy until i restart and everythings perfect!

My GPU is only running at 51c in game

So anyways this only happens in some games and not others heres a list of ones i've tried:

HL2 episode 1: works fine
SWG: works fine
Elder scrolls 4 Oblivion: works fine
Dark messiah might and magic: works fine
BAttlefield 2142: works fine
CSS: works fine
Black and white 2: it worked fine at first (first game i tried) then i got this problem upon reinstall of the game.
EQ2: problem above ^
Garys mod: problem above ^

Anyone help? I'm buying Ati next time btw :) never had a problem with them before and always seem to have problems with geforce
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  1. Let me add my FPS is fine :) It's around 236 with everything maxed and i have AA and HDR on at the same time which is weird.

    Again my gpu temp gets to 51c max
  2. Noone care?
  3. Some older games don't work well with dual cores and require patches. Check the game sites for any updates. Also, do you have Microsoft's dual core patch installed?

    Try instalingl/reinstalling the newest nvidia drivers. I can't remember the date the dual core optimized drivers for nvidia came out, but it helped quite a bit.
  4. I'm upto date on windows update, where can i get this dual core patch?
    I clicked on the link, it says sumthing about waiting till the new service pack?

    Anyways i've used all nvidia drivers and none of them fix it :( So i've gone bk to march drivers.
  5. Yes, you need to contact microsoft for the hotfix, or....

    You can grab it off one of these mirror sites. You'll find the links under Fix #3 The Microsoft Hotfix.

    I'd create a system restore point before running it. After downloading, right-click the file and select properties. Make sure the file has a digital signature to make sure it is indeed microsoft's patch and hasn't been tampered with.

    After installing, you should have these files:
    Date Time Version Size File name
    28-Sep-2005 23:35 5.1.2600.2765 134,272 Halmacpi.dll
    29-Sep-2005 00:02 5.1.2600.2765 2,136,064 Ntkrnlmp.exe
    28-Sep-2005 23:35 5.1.2600.2765 2,057,344 Ntkrnlpa.exe
    28-Sep-2005 23:35 5.1.2600.2765 2,015,744 Ntkrpamp.exe
    29-Sep-2005 00:04 5.1.2600.2765 2,180,096 Ntoskrnl.exe
    28-Sep-2005 23:32 5.1.2600.2765 30,720 Arpidfix.exe

    Good luck to you.
  6. Quote:

    Duuude.... Hmmmm. I have no clue but I am bumping this thread for you. Perhaps someone will come up with a solution. I would like to see what the solution is.
  7. EQ2 TSR said its because these games dont support dual cores, so you have to disable one of the cores :(
  8. This really blows. So what now? When I build my next gen rig I will not be able to play half of my favorite old games without messing with the cores :?: :!: I mean, I could (I suppose) have a couple of hardware profiles for different games/apps... but this still blows.

    Anyhoo... post results of disabling one of the cores. Did this fix your problem?
  9. My very limited understanding in this matter tells me that an Nvidia-based GPU does NOT support HDR and AA at the same time. Something is jacked up somewhere.
  10. Yes but Black and White 2 and EQ2 dont have HDR plus i can run HDR and AA on in games like HL2, i heard it just disables one to bloom.
  11. Quote:
    EQ2 TSR said its because these games dont support dual cores, so you have to disable one of the cores :(

    You don't diasable a core, you can use task manager to set a programs affinity to either core 0 or core 1. You need to do this every time you run the game.

    I had this problem with Thief 3: Deadly Shadows. You can find 3rd party game launching apps that will automatically set the affinity to a single core so you don't have to keep going into the task manager.

    Edit: Took me a little while. I didnt realize how long ago this came out. THG's Task Assignment Manager
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