New budget build. . . check it out

Putting together a budget rig using the AM2 chipset (in case of upgrades later on.)

MB - Abit KN9S - Haven't seen any reviews on this one yet, but it looks good on paper.

CPU - 3500 Athlon 64

RAM - 2x512MB - Not sure what speed will work, I read somewhere that the processor I'm choosing dosen't support speeds over 667

PS - 350W Antec smart power - Is this enough power for a AM2 system? I thought they were supposed to use less than the 939 socket.

Videocard - Biostar Geforce 7300GS - I don't need a lot of graphics power, certainly nothing for 3D apps.

HD - Western Digital Caviar SE 80GB SATA II WD800JD

Let me know if I can make any improvements here, I'm want to keep a low cost, but make sure I get quality parts. Thanks!
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  1. I am using DDR2 533 on my Athon x2 64 3800+, soim sure you cna use something lower in just DDR (dont take my word on that though). I think you should go up to a 400W true output PSU at least, just as that will be sure to cover anything + fans.
  2. What are you gonna use the pc for? Are you sure you dont wanna get a x2 3800 for a bit more money? It would probably make your computing experience much more enjoyable. Unless you just run office apps on it
  3. Well, this is really for a family member, whom will probably be surfing the internet and maybe using a few office applications. His current rig predates the pentium 3 I believe. He wants something affordable, and I want to give him something that will do what he needs and be upgradeable if he decides to do more with the PC.
  4. Quote:
    I am using DDR2 533 on my Athon x2 64 3800+

    Socket 939 X2's dont support DDR2 bud, unless your on AM2....

    @ Trav

    Your system looks solid.

    Antec makes worth PSU' long as you have sufficient amperage of the 12v rail (not like your system will be a hog) I dont forsee a problem with that rig at all.
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