please help hard drive issues

ok so i bought a new case and reinstalled most of the things back in it. go to start it up after detecting everything goes to start windows comes to first windows symbol screen then crashes and restarts.

i'm thinking it is a hard drive issure because before when detecting sata/bios stuff it used to scan for a little then say "bios not instaled" now it recognizes my hdd then says "ide bus master enabled" then goes to load windows gets to first screen them imediatly crashes and restarts. :cry:

can anyone please help me hdd's and bios is not my strong point at all.
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  1. Try a bootable distro of linux???

    I dont know, maybe you need a reinstall of your OS?

    Is everything plugged into the motherboard that should be, IE no power wires that should be plugged in that arnt?

    Maybe the power supply isnt powerfull enough.

    A list of the parts your using would help alot.
  2. yeah everythings plugged in i put less things back into the comp when changed cases like left out extra cd drive an floppy drive. so i dont think not enough power is the issue.

    i have a second hard drive i hade laying around and am using that right now. it is an older ide hard drive running linux so i'm able to use computer fine. but my newer sata drive with alot of things i need on it is not able to work loads to first windows screen and crashes like early posted

    i dont know this area is not my strong point so i'm lost at the moment :cry:

    oh and i'm useing
    asus K8V se dulux mother board
    socket 754 amd 2 Ghz processor
    ati radeon 9800 pro
    dvd burner
    antec psu
    creative audiology zs2 sound card
    and a wd 69 GB raptor hard drive (the one running windows that i cant get to work)
    or a seagate 180 GB hd
  3. Well... you are only plugging in the sata power source and not both it and the 4 pin moxel power source correct?

    Try updateing the BIOS from within linux (the motherboards BIOS) and if the computer has intergrated graphics use that.

    Can you install windows on another hard drive and then copy what you need from the 69GB raptor to the spare windows install and then install windows again on the raptor??

    Also try going into the bios and resetting everything to default (theres usually a setting that says revert to default settings or something).

    What exactly did you change from the last case?

    What parts did you have then and which do you have now?
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