best chip set for s370?

im working on a mod project project what i have is a p3 1.1 gig celly,
does any one know out of these chip sets what would do the best?
the sis is in a old pack bell :lol: pack bell--intel in old hp both micro atx.
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  1. Intel is typically of much better quality and slightly better performing than a SiS chipset.
  2. Except that the 815 series doesn't support over 512M of SDRAM.
  3. I looked at the hp intel boad it has the 810 chip set
    thanx so far

    *wusy as i get more knowledge Ill pass it to the masses
  4. plus since its out of a hp i prob wont be able to oc
  5. You will need to be careful on your choice of motherboard. If the Cereron is 1.1 Gig it will be a tualatin. These are good chips, are low voltage, and have 256K cache. I've been running a 1.2 Gig, overclocked at 1.44 Gig for over 3 years now.

    The chip needs an FC PGA2 socket. The coppermine processors used FC PGA1, and the tualatin CPU will not work in it.

    HP are/were a real pain on these age PCs. I have one with the 810 chipset and could never get any information on what CPUs it would support. I did find the same motherboard on the ASUS site (MEW AM I think) If you have a look at the motherboards you may be able to identify what chipset it uses. If its a HP brio then I may be able to help identify the motherboard.

    I gave up with the HP, and bought another case and mother board. The motherboard used a VIA chipset.

    IF you want to overclock this processor you will need a chipset that supports an FSB of more than 100 Meg. From what I remember the 810 chipset only supports 100 Meg. If the intel board in the HP will work with the CPU then the memory should be OK as the 810 chipset runs the memory at 100 meg, even if the processor is running at 66 meg fsb.

    There are some converters on ebay which claim to allow you to use a tualatin CPU on older socket 370 motherboards, so you may be able to use one of those.

    Rob. Murphy
  6. i have this model for about lots of years and it's working even now.

    great for OC with celeron/pentium3 Tualatin

    BTW maximum ram is 512
  7. thanx so far ,
    Its a coppermine,MB intel has -cuw-am on it, as to Azomiss" i want to build from spare parts

    this explains alot as i have 2 MB"S and 3 s370 proc..
    ""The chip needs an FC PGA2 socket. The coppermine processors used FC PGA1, and the tualatin CPU will not work in it. ""

    this is my mb,
  8. I would check the CPU carefully. According to Intel's website 1.1G celerons were all tualatin. If you check on Intel's website it shows you how to indentify FC PGA (coppermine) and FC PGA2 (tualatin).

    The motherboard you show only claims support up to 766 Meg. That, to me, means PPGA. I'm sorry about this but there were 3 versions of socket 370: PPGA, FC PGA, and FC PGA 2. The problem is that later processor do not work in earlier motherboards.

    I found this site which may be useful:

    The site has a download for an updated BIOS that supports coppermine CPUs. Your motherboard may work with the coppermine CPUs, but I think it will depend on the version of the motherboard.

    To be honest if these are just spares the quickest way to find out would be to put the CPU in the motherboard, add some memory, power it up and see if it POSTs. If it does, and identifies the CPU OK then all is well. If it does not POST and the test is done quickly I do not think CPU or motherboard will have come to any harm. It would be better to flash the new BIOS before trying the new CPU if possible. If the CPU is realy a tualatin then do not try this. I'm not sure but it may damage the CPU and/or motherboard.

    If you use the HP board overclocking will not be easily possible. I have a simliar HP/ASUS board, and flashed the ASUS BIOS on it. The ASUS BIOS did not have any overclocking features in though so was no help. If you do flash the ASUS BIOS as far as I know you cannot then flash a HP BIOS.

    Rob. Murphy
  9. heres what the 2 proc say on top,,
    1100/128/100/1.75v costa rica-i think this was a copper,celly
    900/256/100/1.7v philippines--not sure about this one..

    also which is better the faster speed or higher cashe
  10. I did look on Intel's web site, but not carefully enough. See below:

    A 1.1 Gig Coppermine celeron.

    The other processor looks to be a 900 Meg Pentium 3. See:

    Both are coppermine processors. Which is quicker I do not know, I think it will depend on what you are running. As far as I can remember the P3 cache was not only bigger, but more effective as well. Try both see which one works better for you. You could then try the other in the other motherboard. If the other motherboard works with it and its not an intel 810 it may support more than 512 Meg max memory.

    Hope the info helps.

    Rob. Murphy
  11. ill probally be doing music only and some surfing,the mod im doing is gutting a old vcr :lol: but keeping 100%of the origonal look(even try to have drive open where tape would go in) and putting in my entertainment ctr/with a wi-fi card/and audio card/old pci vid w/ s-vid out to tv.
    I do have a 2nd mb with a sis 620 chip set from a old pack bell but this one is like 1/2 inch bigger on all sides
  12. I found this on the web:

    If you look at the table for S370 the 2 top motherboards are shown as having SIS 620 chipsets. Both have a max memory of 256, so if your motherboard is one of those then go with the HP intel 810.

    For the processors the P3 is shown in the link I posted as producing less heat. The P3 is 23 watts, and the celeron 33. In a VCR case that may make a big difference in both heat and noise.

    As said before see what works first. If the P3 works in the board OK, if not try the celeron and if that works use it. If neither work you will need some more spare parts.

    One other point is that playing back heavily compressed AVI or DIVX files is very cpu intensive. If you are going to be playing back AVI/DIVX it would be worth trying this out outside of the VCR case before spending time fitting it in to find that the CPU/Motherboard combination does not have enough power to cope. Playing back normal MPG2 or MP3 should not be a problem.

    Rob Murphy
  13. ok small change,Im using a old hp vectra mb w/ intel 815 it has on board nic/and oooooaahhhh a 2x agp(others had none :wink: )yes i actually have a old 3dfx voodoo-
    oh and yet a diff proc 933/256/?/1.7v
  14. Quote:
    ok small change,Im using a old hp vectra mb w/ intel 815 it has on board nic/and oooooaahhhh a 2x agp(others had none :wink: )yes i actually have a old 3dfx voodoo-
    oh and yet a diff proc 933/256/?/1.7v
  15. yep i just 4got while i was typing
  16. If the processor came with the motherboard you might as well use that.

    Godd luck with it, and let us know how it goes.

    Rob. Murphy
  17. will do,, :lol: thanks for the help
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