need help with my new system build

I just built my new system and the installation went pretty smoothly, but i'm kind of having some problems.
this is my setup as of now.
MB: Abit K9ns
cpu: AMD 3800+ athlon XP
memory:corsair value select ddr 533

I also have two ide hard drives and a dvd combo drive, but because there is only one ide slot on the motherboard i got a ide controller card and i connected the dvd drive to the ide controller. I started the system up and it worked fine but my computer is only a little bit faster than my old socket A set up i replaced. also when i checked my taskmanager at idle my cpu was a 50% load.

can anyone help me.
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  1. Pegging at 50% when idle just screams "I'm doing something I shouldn't be." Check your background processes to see what's causing it. If you didn't do a clean install of Windows when you switched hardware, it could also be a driver problem. Make sure all your drivers are correct and up to date.
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