Did I just get ripped off.

:cry: Did I just gimp my new pc ?

I bought a 3.0ghz Pentium D with 800mhz fsb. The guy at the shop insisted that the best ram speed for the cpu is 667 which I bought 2GB of. I told him that it sounds weird because I've always been used to something like an 800mhz fsb being paired with 400mhz or 800mhz ram or whatever, but he insisted that it is the correct choice & his "technitian" backed him up.

I've read the cpu guide & atm I don't know which of the 3.0ghz cpus I got. Will check once I'm home.

Did I just slow my entire system down to the slowest speed of either the cpu or ram ?

I will go back to correct the problem & pay more if I have to, but what did I do wrong.

I've always been able to get myself out of problems with these kinds of people (eg . Years ago, I was offered 200mhz ram as the "best" option when I really needed 266). Unfortunately, I have been out of touch with hardware for the last 3 years (with nvidia 5700 was all the rage!) & I had to get this pc urgently for a new job.

Also, is the 3.0ghz cpu gimped compared to the 3.4 (both dual core) ? If so, what kind of ram will the 3.4 need, etc...

(work will just need word processing & normal oracle apps, they've given me a small allowance to get a suitable, run of the mill PC in 3 days, but I am inflating it's specs alot so I can use it to play bf2 & wow on the highest settings. Also, this pc has to last me a minimum of 2 years with upgrades)
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  1. Sorry about the 266 confusion, I edited my post to reflect that it was in the past.

    eg. I always thought that if I had an FSB of 400MHZ, I'd need 200mhz RAM & not 133mhz.

    So with an 800mhz CPU & 667mhz ram, I will not suffer ? I thought the CPU would be quad 200 & the ram tripple 333 which now means that I slow down my cpu from 800mhz to 667mhz. From your post I understand that this will not be the case.

    I don't know about the brand of the ram, I think it's something generic

    Will the E6300 work on the same socket as what I already have ?
  2. Ram speeds are not that important on intel systems. Yes ddr2 800 ram would have been better but if you run the 667 ram the difference will be barely noticable. You could return it and buy the 800 ram but that will cost more. Physicaly an e6300 will fit in the same board as a pentium d but the board must be capable to run it.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up with the memory.

    I always thought that all components needed to run at the same FSB speed or they would all drop their FSBs to match that of the slowest component.

    I believe my motherboard is one of the following

    Could be MSI 945PL Neo-F

    Probably is MSI 945P Neo2-F

    I will need to get home in 6 hours to check exactly. Maybe a bios upgrade would be enough ?

    The guy at the shop will be reasonably flexible as I have 7 days to upgrade any components I am not happy with.
  4. You got ripped off in the sense that you just bought a dead-end motherboard along with a CPU based on the moribond Netburst uarch.

    As you can see Here no i945 motherboards appear on MSI's C2D support list and the 945P Neo2-F CPU Support Page clearly indicates that no C2D is supported, same goes for the 945PL Neo2 as you can see Here

    If you do decide to go with a P4 CPU anyway because you're on a budget, at least get a C2D ready motherboard...
  5. For being a regular consumer, this pc will do just fine for what you intend to do with it. The ram is decent and the CPU is dualcore, so you won't see a major problem like most running singles if your doing photoshop, multiple IE windows, several programs running at the same time, Excel, Word, Project, etc.......

    You will, however, have to upgrade sooner than you would have hoped. With the new Intel Conroe/Core Duo, your machine would be living a bit longer, but no worries, it will do for a long time, esp. when software is multithreaded as a standard proccess.
  6. The intel FSB is QDR, not DDR.

    For an 800MHz fsb the clock rate is 200MHz, for 400MHz DDR1/2 RAM the clock rate is 200MHz. This would Have been one of your 'best matches'.

    The DDR2-667 RAM you have has a clock rate of 333MHz, meaning you have a 3:5 FSB:RAM divider.

    This wont be all that bad to be honest, with Dual Channel RAM you still have more RAM bandwidth than FAB bandwidth, the latencies will worsen MARGINALLY, but then the latencies on the DDR2-667 are likely better than you could find on DDR2-400, meaning thats a moot point.

    If I was you, I'd probably loosen the timings slightly more, say from CL3 to CL4 (if your ram is CL3 currently) and overclock the ram to 800MHz, with a 400MHz clock, giving a 1:2 divider, and meaning that the RAM is ready for a transfer every time the CPU is :)
  7. Consider that a "regular consumer" wouldn't have bothered with posting here for advice, wouldn't be concerned about being able to play FB2 and WoW as well as having an upgrade path to cover the next two years.

    The one thing I am curious about is the video card he got...
  8. You did fine, though you didn't state how much you paid which would ultimately determine whether you got ripped off or not.

    If playing games at the highest quality settings is your thing, a great video card becomes more important than a faster CPU (to a point). You probably have a bit of room to overclock your CPU, perhaps a couple of hundred MHz or so, but cooling will likely be an issue if you want to go higher than that.

    You can feel confident that your PC will hold up for a couple of years. I wouldn't feel too bad about not having a Core 2 Duo at this point. In eighteen months they'll be better, faster and cheaper than they are now. There will be a whole slew of new motherboards available at that time too, costing half of what they do today. Netburst may not be the CPU architecture du jour, but fast is fast and I'll bet that your new system runs circles around your old one.
  9. Hey Fox_granit,

    Looking at your location - are you located between Toronto and Hamilton? I have never heard of the "Big 12" before but I know where the Blue Jays and Tiger Cats play.

  10. And as a "regular consumer" you, nor I for that matter, want bleeding edge.

    I quit playing the latest, greatest game back when I paid a boatload of cash for a 386DX33 MB/CPU/MEM and the 40 came out a month later.

    Buy what will do what you want done now with as much room to grow as you can. (don't worry if you have to re-evaluate your upgrade path. can you say VLB or 939? shiite happens.) Let the fanboyz worry about bleeding edge.
  11. No you didn't get ripped.

    I'm using DDR2 667 on a pentium D 915. DDR2 800 is really for overclockers.

    The performance without overclocking is negligable. Don't worry about it =)
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